Coimprit and Odoo: Business Efficiency

Company Name: Coimprit

Location: Puebla, Mexico

Industry: Electronic Equipment Retailer

Apps Implemented: CRM, Invoicing, Accounting, Sales, Inventory, and more...

Company size: 33

Number of users: 30

Hosting Type: On Premise

Coimprit is a reliable retailer of a wide range of electronic products and services, including printers, storage, multifunctional devices, consumables, laptops, audio equipment, accessories, networks, gaming lines, regulators, and so much more. 

Collaborating closely with the best brands in the market, Coimprit has solidified its commitment to excellence, and established itself as a leader in the industry, providing products and innovations of the highest quality. Coimprit famously ensures constant availability, and fosters a nurturing environment that's conducive to the growth and development of its valuable business partners.

Meeting Odoo: A Comprehensive Solution

Operational excellence has always been a priority for Coimprit. And, it was this relentless dedication to efficiency that ultimately created challenges for the business, as they struggled to achieve their goals due to the limitations of their previous, outdated ERP system. 

In the pursuit of a more effective solution, a recommendation from an acquaintance led Coimprit to discover Odoo -- a business management platform that promised exceptional adaptability to their needs.

Miguel Ángel Xochipa, a key member of Coimprit, highlights one of the main drawbacks they faced with their previous system: slowness. A sluggish ERP system hindered each of their processes, causing a negative impact on overall efficiency. Moreover, the local connection required by the previous system posed problems, especially for Coimprit's remote stores.

Transformation with Odoo: Flexibility and Performance

After evaluating several options in the market, the decision to work with Odoo was clear for Coimprit. "The system's flexibility, along with its attractive cost-effectiveness, proved to be deciding factors," explained Miguel Ángel. 

Since the implementation of Odoo, Coimprit has experienced significant improvements in various areas.

In the warehouse domain, Odoo has proven to be an invaluable tool, streamlining and optimizing control over merchandise exit processes and delivery. Miguel Ángel emphasizes, 'In the sales area, it has greatly facilitated communication with the administrative department, allowing us to manage sales more efficiently. Additionally, in the billing area, we have succeeded in accelerating our processes significantly..

Key Advantages of Working with Odoo

The remote connectivity among all of Coimprit's foreign stores has been a key factor in enhancing access and efficiency for every employee. Miguel Ángel praises the user-friendly, intuitive, and easy-to-work-with environment of Odoo, stating, 'If I had to describe Odoo in one word, it would be flexible.

About Coimprit

Coimprit offers a wide range of managed printing services through its diverse offerings to small, medium, and large enterprises. Founded in 2012, Coimprit continues to work hand-in-hand with the best brands in the market. Through its collaboration with Odoo, Coimprit has streamlined its processes and achieved a more efficient connection, accelerating its growth and enabling them to maintain their leadership in the market.

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