Agencia Nuhma: Transforming Health and Nutrition with Innovation and Odoo

Company Name: Agencia Nuhma

Location: Mexico City

Industry: Agencia de publicidad

Apps Implemented: CRM, Sales, Purchase, Project, Accounting, Timesheet, and more.

Number of users: 2

Company size: 2

Hosting type: Online

In the vision of Agencia Nuhma, nutrition and health are not just fundamental elements of life but also powerful narratives that can transform industries. With over 15 years of experience in leading global food and beverage companies, the team at Agencia Nuhma decided to establish an agency that would reflect their passion and dedication to making a difference in the world of health and nutrition.

Accumulated experience led to the creation of Agencia Nuhma, a Nutritional and Health Marketing agency committed to contributing to positive change in the industry. With a focus on innovation and tangible results, Agencia Nuhma stands out for developing communication strategies, content, and continuous medical education projects.

Discovering Odoo: A Comprehensive Solution for Process Professionalization

While Agencia Nuhma was not specifically seeking an ERP system, the encounter with Odoo turned out to be a revelatory discovery. For the agency, Odoo became the perfect solution to professionalize, standardize, and enhance internal controls.

"We weren't actively seeking an ERP, but we decided to adopt it after witnessing its effectiveness in another company. We realized it's a way to highly professionalize processes, standardize operations, and establish better controls."

Once they discovered Odoo, they didn't explore further ERP options. Seeing how successful another company was with Odoo, it gave them the confidence to immediately choose the popular platform, without considering additional alternatives.

Growing in a Single System

Jimena highlights the areas where Odoo has made a difference for Agencia Nuhma, especially in administration, accounting, sales, and purchases. The ability to have all processes organized in a single system has been key to the agency's efficiency. Additionally, Odoo has allowed Agencia Nuhma to integrate its website and mailing services effectively.

Even though Agencia Nuhma already had a robust internal process, Odoo has taken efficiency to a new level by centralizing all processes in a single system. The data connectivity between different areas and applications has provided the agency with a practical and intuitive way of working. 

Jimena de Martino is quick to share her enthusiasm for annual results and reports, mentioning that they can now be viewed and analyzed seamlessly, thanks to Odoo.

Versatility and Abundant Applications

Jimena de Martino emphasizes the versatility of Odoo and the abundance of available applications: "I like that in a single system, you can search for a transaction, anything, and it takes you directly to that transaction. I appreciate that Odoo is super versatile; I love that it has so many applications, that it has solutions to the needs we encounter."

About Agencia Nuhma

Agencia Nuhma is a Health and Nutrition Marketing company aiming to make a difference in the industry by contributing to positive change in the world of health and nutrition. The agency develops communication strategies, content, and continuous medical education projects with an always innovative and results-oriented approach.

Since Agencia Nuhma started working with Odoo, they have seen improved results in their organization and information management. Working with Odoo, Agencia Nuhma has experienced enhanced organization. And, upon recognizing the potential, they are excited to continue witnessing future positive results with Odoo.

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