A tu estilo: Starting with Odoo

Company Name: A tu estilo

Location: Zaragoza (Spain)

Industry: Beauty

Company Size: <50

Odoo Users: <30

Hosting: SaaS

Apps: Website, inventory, point of sale, calendar and marketing.

Implementation Partner: Zitycard


A tu estilo is a beauty salon located in Zaragoza, focused on both hair and fashion, in order to offer the best treatments and services. Among the services offered we also find treatments and services far beyond those offered in any hairdressing salon.

Starting from scratch with Odoo

Since the birth of this beauty salon, A tu estilo had a clear need for a website with an integrated online store. This integration, among many other advantages, would give them the possibility of increasing their audience, making themselves well known among more segments while increasing sales and improving both business and services.

In the case of A tu estilo, instead of switching from other solutions, they decided to start from scratch with Odoo. When starting the project from the ground up, they looked at different options, but opted for Odoo because of how the system worked and how easy they found the software to operate. 

The decisive point in making the decision was the possibility of having everything integrated in a single hosting, thus avoiding the management of several systems to cover all the needs. Thanks to Odoo, they saw that they could manage all areas from a single platform that they could access from anywhere.

To start the project, they requested the kit digital, offered to companies for help in digitization. Once granted, they contacted Zitycard, an official Odoo partner of Silver category and digitizing agent, located in Zaragoza. Zitycard explained them how the system works, where they could check the easy and intuitive handling of the system.

Implementing the system

Starting with Zitycard, they began the implementation of the system and website applications with integrated e-commerce, inventory, point of sale, calendar and marketing modules.

As they began the implementation, some problems arose with the calendar and with shipping once the sale was executed. As of today, they have been able to solve these problems, have been able to implement the initial applications and are already considering the change to the custom plan to unlock the other functionalities of the system, as well as the advantages of customization that the Studio tool brings.

Regarding the implementation of the system, A tu estilo highlights Odoo's support, commenting on the speed and efficiency of the support team, which is included in the system licenses.

The improvements brought by the change

Since the implementation of Odoo, A tu estilo highlights the importance of having all the tools integrated into the same solution. The ease that the unification of the website, online sales, appointment booking and point of sale has brought has saved them both time and money.

Among the improvements they have been able to measure, apart from time and money, they have found the mobile application of particular importance, so they can access their database from anywhere, without having to be in the business to perform the necessary operations. They did not expect to find an impact in this area, but the improvement has been more than noticeable.

The implementation of Odoo in A tu estilo has brought them a remarkable improvement in its 8 months of use. It is because of this, along with the integration of all the applications and functionalities they needed, plus access to a mobile application that allows them to operate from anywhere, that makes A tu estilo not hesitate to recommend the system. As well as how intuitive and easy to use they found the solution from the first moment.

Implementation Partner:

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