11teamsports Print GmbH - podružnica Hrvatska
11teamsports Print GmbH - podružnica Hrvatska 批发/零售
Tvoj smo pouzdani suigrač već više od 12 godina! Cijelo to vrijeme donosimo ti najbolje i najnovije proizvode iz svijeta nogometa.
A0 d.o.o.
A0 d.o.o.
Bavimo se printom svih formata i namjena
Fleksibilan tim sa dugogodišnjim iskustvom u industriji printa svih formata i namjena – od posjetnica, plakata, roll-up bannera do kompletnog oslikavanja auta. Prepoznajemo vrijednosti koje su važne našim klijentima
Smart solutions for GPS tracking and IoT
Probably the best solutions you can find on the market for GPS tracking and IoT!
ANGELINA TOURS d.o.o. 其它服务
Angelina was founded in 1995 as a small family business. Nowadays our fleet counts over 170 sailing yachts, catamarans, motor yachts, and motorboats in five nautical bases: Sukosan, Biograd, Sibenik, Rogoznica, and Trogir. The whole fleet is carefully selected in order to provide you with the best quality vessels for your sailing holidays.
Some of the brands of boats are Bali, Bavaria, Beneteau, Dufour, Elan, Fountaine Pajot, Hanse, Lagoon, Jeanneau, SAS Vektor. In order to ensure that your experience is carefree, we are keeping the maintenance on the highest level.
During the charter season, our technical team is available 24/7 for any kind of support, information or even emergency. It is our strong belief that every aspect of this work is of high importance so whether you need a department of sales while looking for the best charter vessel, base staff to assist you with technical questions or route suggestions, each conversation will start with a smile to wish you a warm welcome in Angelina!
Naša radiona opremljena je najnovijim uređajima i alatima kojima upravljaju naši zaposlenici s višegodišnjim iskustvom u autolimarskim poslovima.
Agro Mare d.o.o.
Agro Mare d.o.o. 批发/零售
Website: https://rasadnik-biljaka-agro-mare-doo.business.site/
Agro Mare d.o.o
Rasadnik biljaka Agro Mare doo
Implemented by E-Sustavi d.o.o
Alago d.o.o.
Alago d.o.o.
Alago doo was founded in 1994. by Ljubomir Gotovac for the purpose of representing foreign companies, primarily manufacturers of professional hand tools from the company Festool, and later Protool (now a defunct brand), Prebena and Bessey.
During the last years, there has been a constant development and growth of share on the Croatian market thanks to the values ​​that Alago represents, which are client satisfaction, top quality services and products offered, and correct attitude towards business partners.
Our Vision is to be the first choice for professional activities when choosing technologies, innovations and services in solving practical problems faced by clients in practice.
website: https://www.alago.hr/
Aromara d.o.o.
Aromara d.o.o. 批发/零售
Aromara – pionir aromaterapije u Hrvatskoj
U odabir i namjenu Aromara proizvoda uloženo je puno ljubavi, stručnosti i visoki standardi kvalitete. Pristupačnim cijenama, čari i blagodati eteričnih i biljnih ulja dostupne su svima – znatiželjnicima, maserima, profesionalnim aromaterapeutima te zaljubljenicima u ulja za njegu tijela i onima koji će to tek postati.
Aromara pruža prirodna i učinkovita rješenja za najčešće zdravstvene probleme. Nezaobilazan je partner u prevenciji bolesti i poboljšanju zdravlja na prirodan način, kao i njezi tijela. U Aromarinom asortimanu proizvoda pronaći ćete sinergijske spojeve s potvrđenim farmakološkim djelovanjem, čista eterična ulja vrhunske kvalitete, mješavine eteričnih ulja, hladno prešana biljna ulja, liniju za njegu tijela i masažu te hidrolate i maslace.
BDO Infokorp d.o.o.
BDO Infokorp d.o.o.
Infokorp d.o.o. was established in 1996. Since then, we have been constantly expanding our operation. Today, we have about thirty employees and work with over 170 clients, which makes us one of the largest companies in our field of activity.

In 2011, we were selected as one of the best brands in Croatia by consumers and we won the SUPERBRANDS 2011-12 recognition.

We hold ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 27001 certificates and always maintain a high level of professionalism with our clients, providing them the maximum level of service.

We have a AAA credit rating in accordance with the international credit rating evaluation system of the company Bisnode.

Infokorp is also a member of the Association of Management Consultants, the Croatian Association of Accounting Services, the American Chamber of Commerce, the British Chamber of Commerce and the German Chamber of Commerce.

At Infokorp we have been building long-term business relationships with our clients and firmly believe that complete trust, mutual understanding, and assistance are the only basis for a good business relationship. Our dedication to solving problems, regardless of their complexity, and our willingness to constantly learn and improve our knowledge and capabilities make us an ideal choice to support and improve the operations of our partners.
BIOREZONANCA d.o.o. 健康/社会
O instituciji
U sklopu djelatnosti Valera centar i Biorezonanca bave se otkrivanjem uzroka zdravstvenim tegoba kao i njihovim otklanjanjem. Uz najsuvremeniju tehnologiju biorezonance i preko 200 godina stare homeoterapije te stručno osoblje pomoći će u rješavanju vaših zdravstvenih tegoba.
Baltazar dizajn d.o.o
Baltazar dizajn d.o.o 制造
Prvi smo kuhinjski specijalist u Hrvatskoj, a cilj nam je ponuditi Vam na jednom mjestu sve što je potrebno za opremanje kuhinje.
Ponosni smo partner Nobilia i Hacker kuhinja, najvećih njemačkih proizvođača kuhinja u Europi. Također nudimo i najveći asortiman bijele tehnike na tržištu proizvođača Gorenje, Bosch i Miele. Svi ovi brandovi sinonimi su za kvalitetu, pouzdanosti dugu tradiciju, a upravo je to ono što Vam želimo ponuditi. Kombinacija njemačke kvalitete i naša stručnost omogućit će Vam da postanete vlasnik Vaše kuhinje iz snova. Posjetite jedan od naših 5 salona, razgledajte naše kuhinje i kućanske aparate, razgovarajte s našim stručnjacima koji će Vam dati odgovore na sva Vaša pitanja.
Bicro Biocentar d.o.o.
Bicro Biocentar d.o.o.
BICRO BIOCentar je osnovan 2015. godine uz pomoć fondova Europske unije, a osmišljen je kao inkubator koji će predvoditi razvoj biotehnologije u Hrvatskoj. U siječnju 2020. godine BICRO BIOCentar je dobio dopusnicu za obavljanje znanstvene djelatnosti.
BICRO BIOCentar djeluje kroz 5 programa:
– BIOInkubacija i BIOInfrastruktura nude savjetodavne usluge te najam opremljenih ili neopremljenih prostora za laboratorije i urede.
– BIOUmrežavanje omogućuje novim start-up tvrtkama ili već postojećim biotehnološkim kompanijama povezivanje sa sveučilištima, fakultetima, institutima i tvrtkama u Hrvatskoj i inozemstvu. Umrežavanje pospješuje razvoj proizvoda te bržu i efikasniju komercijalizaciju.
– BIOTransfer i BIOEdukaciju provodi naše stručno osoblje, specijalizirano u području biotehnologije i kemije. Programi se provode u Centralnom laboratoriju koji se sastoji od 5 laboratorijskih jedinica: Mikrobiološkog laboratorija, Laboratorija za staničnu biologiju, Laboratorija za izolaciju i pročišćavanje, Bioanalitičkog laboratorija I-Kemija, Bioanalitičkog laboratorija II-Proteomika.
Bokart d.o.o
Bokart d.o.o
Bokart is leading Croatian company in segment of decorative glass in architecture. So far we have gained a reputation of innovative company that is able to make even the most demanding projects. Our goal is to implement and promote architectural art glass, offering a wide range of standard and unique solutions.
Conty Plus
Conty Plus
Our mission supplying the market with panel material and fittings of top quality and attractive design in combination with the highest possible quality and fast service in order to satisfy the wishes and needs of all our current and future customers and partners.

Our vision is to be a recognizable and reliable partner in the distribution of sheet material and hardware for furniture making and interior decoration in the region.

We are proud of our offer of panel materials, special wood products, floors, fittings and accessories, primarily intended for the production of furniture and interior decoration.

In addition to the distribution of a wide range of products, we also offer our customers plate processing at a high technological level in the machine park in Zagreb and in our sale offices throughout Croatia. It is precisely the high technological level of the plate processing machines that allows us to respond quickly and qualitatively to every customer's request. With the support of leading European manufacturers, whose distributors we are on the Croatian market, with innovation in following trends, we continuously expand our offer in order to provide our partners with full support in following technological innovations as well as modern design.
DO WE j.d.o.o
DO WE j.d.o.o
DO WE j.d.o.o
Delecto Firmus d.o.o
Delecto Firmus d.o.o 批发/零售
Pharmaceutical wholesale distribution company of medical products. Trusted partner in supply chain. Placing pharmaceuticals to hospitals and pharmacies across EU at competitive prices.
Drava Pulp d.o.o.
Drava Pulp d.o.o.
Drava Pulp d.o.o. je firma koja je započela s radom 2022. godine.
Primarna djelatnost firme je proizvodnja celuloze prema patentiranoj tehnologiji iz biljaka kao što su
kukuruz, sirak, Miscanthus i sl.
Proizvodnja zadovoljava najviše ekološke standarde koji se tiču zatvorenog kruga proizvodnje,
korištenje sirovina i kemikalija te utrošene energije za proizvodnju.
Trenutno smo u fazi izradi i nabavci potrebne opreme za početak proizvodnje.
Kvaliteta celuloze je provjerena laboratorijskim ispitivanjem u ovlaštenim laboratorijima na celulozi
koja je proizvedena u pilot postrojenju te zadovoljava najviše standarde.

Drava Pulp d.o.o. is a company that started operating in 2022.
The primary activity of the company is the production of cellulose according to patented technology
from plants such as corn, sorghum, Miscanthus, etc.
The production meets the highest ecological standards regarding the closed cycle of production, the
use of raw materials and chemicals, and the energy used for production.
We are currently in the process of creating and acquiring the necessary equipment to start
The quality of the pulp was checked by laboratory testing in authorized laboratories on the pulp that
was produced in the pilot plant and meets the highest standards.
E-Sustavi doo
E-Sustavi doo IT/通讯
Službeni Odoo Enterprise partner za Republiku Hrvatsku
e-Sustavi d.o.o. je hrvatska IT tvrtka, osnovana 2008. godine specijalizirana za uvođenje i integraciju suvremenih i modernih programskih rješenja za poslovanje.
Naše usluge i rješenja omogućavaju tvrtkama digitalizaciju svih svojih poslovnih procesa sa kompletnim lokaliziranim IT rješenjima za poslovanje u Hrvatskoj i inozemstvu.
Development, implementation, optimization and support of business solutions. Together with our partners, we will introduce you the latest ICT technology solutions to your business and provide tools for undisturbed growth and development.