Taking time off shouldn't be a chore

From allocation to request to approval, make every step of the time off process easy and transparent with Odoo's Time Off application.

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for every request

Customize as many time off types as you can think of! Decide on approval and validation settings, configure notifications, and customize display options to keep things organized.

查看可用时间明细 Allocated time

Do you have the time?

Keep track of every day allocated to you as soon as you open the app, so you never let a single day expire again.

Freedom is only a few clicks away

Employees can submit a leave request in just a few clicks. It will take more time to write your “Out of Office” auto-reply.

Track your time or request more Leave Request

Review, approve, done

No more wasting time with overly complex or manual approval processes. With all of your team's requests in a single dashboard, you have all of the information you need to approve leave instantly.

One click approval!

完美 呈现

Accrual plans

Customize accrual plans to automatically assign additional time to employees when they reach milestones with the company.

Time off analysis

Easily access thorough reporting to view trends and see which employees are still owed time.

Stress days

Configure specific days where no employees can create or request time off.

Multi-step approvals

Specify who is required to approve an employee's time off before it can be validated.

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After realizing that we outgrew spreadsheets we went looking for a more specialized database. We tried some other options, but these lacked the ease of use. Then we stumbled upon Odoo and with the quick response of the Odoo team we had the database up and running in no time.

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Michiel Vrolix
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