Creating a Beeworthy Experience

Company Name: Rund um die Biene

Location: Austria

Industry: Retail

Company Size: <50

Odoo Users: <30

Hosting Type:

Apps: Sales, Finance, Documents, Website, Purchase, Inventory

A Bee-Centric Journey

Located in Austria, Rund um die Biene Located in Austria, Rund um die Biene is an online shop specializing in bee products and beekeeping supplies. Their extensive bee product range includes bee cosmetics, beeswax, flower pollen, honey, propolis drops, and more. On the beekeeping supplies side, they offer products such as bee feed, books, honey harvesting equipment, beekeeper clothing, etc. Operating under the mantra “Everything About Bees,” the company serves as a bridge between small local beekeepers and end customers, catering to both hobbyist and commercial beekeepers. All bee products are meticulously sourced from regional beekeepers and crafted with genuine care. The company exclusively features regional products, actively supporting and promoting local, small-scale agriculture. They deliberately avoid mixing industrial bee products from both EU and non-EU countries in their offerings.

Ever since its inception, Rund um die Biene has recognized the importance of finding an integrated solution to support its operations. While exploring options, Odoo stood out for its suite of apps that are seamlessly integrated with each other. Indeed, very early in the evaluation phase, the focus shifted to Odoo, which offered all the necessary solutions for different business aspects without the hassle of additional interfaces and associated problems. The company strategically chose to adopt Odoo, aligning with its commitment to excellence from day one.

Without Odoo, we would likely have had manual processes with no seamless integration.

Leo Guggenberger • Founder

Evolving with

Due to a lack of communication, Rund um die Biene first chose Odoo Online for its user-friendly and cost-effective features. However, the need for greater adaptability quickly arose, going beyond the customization limits imposed by Odoo Online's cloud architecture. This prompted a transition to in 2021, aligning better with their processes. While still enjoying the advantages of SaaS cloud software, the shift provided them with the flexibility to tailor processes and functions to their specific business model.

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Online Shopping as We Want: Faster and Smoother.

Odoo has transformed Rund um die Biene’s ways of working and enhanced its customer experience by seamlessly integrating all areas into one solution.

Creating a captivating homepage that checks all the marketing and SEO boxes is now easily achievable with Odoo's Website app. It allows the company to seamlessly blend its info pages and online shop, making the homepage uniform and consistent. What's remarkable is that they do not need to juggle different CMS systems for information and the shop – Odoo brings it all together.

Here's how it plays out: A curious customer lands on Rund um die Biene’s homepage through a search engine, typically finding themselves first on an information page where detailed product information is available. Integrated products from Rund um die Biene’s online shop appear on this page, allowing customers to place orders directly. Once they click the order button, the Odoo magic begins.

No theatrics, just automation. The system effortlessly generates a customer order in the backend of Odoo. Once the transaction is completed, an invoice is automatically generated. Integrating multiple payment providers allows the invoice to be settled without any manual intervention. Yes, you read it right – without lifting a finger.

But it's not just about the sale – it's the entire journey. Odoo takes care of the nitty-gritty of deliveries and inventory operations. The cool part? If Rund um die Biene desires, they can showcase their real-time inventory in the online shop. Every document, from invoices to notes, is centralized in the Documents app, organized and ready to be sent to customers via email. And how? Directly through Odoo, of course!

The company's online shop runs smoothly by having their entire process on Odoo. They are not struggling with different software or drowning in manual tasks. It's like Odoo understands Rund um die Biene’s rhythm, letting them focus on what we do best – sharing the buzz about bees.

What’s to come in the future for Rund um die Biene?

An upgrade of Odoo 17 is already planned for the future in order to use further functions of the apps already in use. We also plan to introduce the CRM app in order to be able to communicate even better with customers, to further integrate customer emails into Odoo and to better document individual correspondence. This should make it possible to have all of the customer's correspondence information immediately available when a customer calls.

Leo Guggenberger • Founder
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