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Blue Ocean Navigation | CO LTD
Blue Ocean Navigation | CO LTD перевозки
Blue Ocean Navigation specializes in Internal Freight Forwarding. Through the innovative and sustainable use of technology, it is determined to go above and beyond to suit their customers’ needs on a daily basis. With high know-how and a multi-annual expertise, along with a well-organized, domestically and internationally, network, Blue Ocean provides major industries with the perfect transport solution.

To assist Blue Ocean in managing its operations quickly, conveniently, and efficiently, we have created a customized business platform by taking advantage and extending Odoo system’s capabilities. Saving time and effort is highly significant to every company. Being able to handle their business activities smoothly, allows them to evolve, and offer excellent quality and of great reliability transport services to their customers.
Cosmos Ocean Hellas | LTD
Cosmos Ocean Hellas | LTD перевозки
Cosmos Ocean Hellas is an independent neutral freight wholesaler, with a strong and ever-growing network of drivers, agents, and active partnerships from all over the world, and state-of-the-art facilities and shipping solutions for the handling of goods. They strive to consistently offer high-quality LCL services to their customers, guaranteeing the highest standards of regional and international transport with an efficient transportation and distribution network. A forward-thinking company, taking care of all aspects regarding transports, aspiring to be a reliable and customer–focused partner.

Being a trust-worthy partner of Cosmos Ocean for several years, we suggested that Odoo is the right business framework for their company’s needs. Therefore, we implemented a centralized system, which contains all their necessary information and operational workflows, allowing them to enjoy the benefits of automating their processes.
Logika 4PL | Beyond Logistics
Logika 4PL | Beyond Logistics перевозки
Logika 4PL is a modern 4PL company with a main objective to cover the entire supply chain. Its aim is to ensure a smooth flow across the spectrum of the supply chain, saving time and cost. Combining flexibility with its expertise and knowledge ensures its adaptability to the ever-changing market conditions. Our company was tasked with creating a business solution that would be able to assist our customer in managing their accounting and customer relationships, as well as to optimize their operational processes through a custom-made, automated system that is able to accommodate every possible scenario.
Nipponia SA
Nipponia SA перевозки
Nipponia SA gebruikt onder andere de Odoo modules Inkoop, Verkoop, CRM, Facturering, Voorraad en eCommerce.
Nipponia SA koos voor Odoo/Alpiek, vanwege de kennis van de Nederlandse handelsmarkt, onze teamaanpak en de flexibiliteit.

Nipponia is een Grieks bedrijf met Nederlands verkoopkantoor dat al jarenlang verbonden is met de motormarkt. De naam is afgeleid van het woord “Nippon”, de oorspronkelijke naam van Japan. Het weerspiegelt het erfgoed, de kennis en de toewijding om haar partners en klanten motorfietsen te bieden die de Japanse verfijning en technische knowhow omarmen.