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Levantine Institute
Levantine Institute Образование
Levantine Institute offers quality Arabic courses in an immersion program that includes accommodation, annual program, cultural experience, and engagement with the community.

Al Jawad Software house helped Levantine to build an online version of their courses which can be taught and accessed remotely all while accommodating for different time zones. The classes are given online through an (Odoo + Zoom) customer integration.
Morgan International Offshore
Morgan International Offshore Образование
More than 80,000 students around the world have signed up to study with Morgan since it first opened its doors in Beirut in 1995. What began with one man’s dream to bring the Certified Public Accountant program to the Middle East has since grown into a company with offices in 32 locations across the globe. Morgan offers many professional certifications and diploma programs catering to the needs of the finance, accountancy, human resources, marketing, and logistics’ fields.

Key to Morgan’s success has been its partnerships with premium course providers and with academic institutions. Ultimately, though, it is the people that make Morgan the success story it is today, with every instructor carefully selected for their blend of expertise and passion for teaching. The human touch, caring for each and every candidate, and providing them with the best preparation for success, is the real hallmark of the Morgan experience.
The Lee Experience
The Lee Experience Образование
The Lee Experience provide organizations and individuals marketing research, creative marketing, incubation for organization and entrepreneurs, apprentice, and access to financial resources. Al Jawad software house helped The Lee experience to build a full ERP system that cover all their operations from sales to invoicing based on the Lebanese regulation and hr management.