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A.D Mavletim LTD
A.D Mavletim LTD
A.D Mavletim Ltd is a private mechanical manufacturer based in Israel, USA, Taiwan China & Hong-Kong.

The Company is being managed by highly experienced managers of more than 30 years.

We provide fast, professional and reliable service for our Customers all over the world.

Agrotem project opens a window to the future of modern precision agriculture, affirming the company’s unique and diverse capabilities in this field.
Agrotem designs, builds and supplies a wide array of greenhouses, habitats and ancillary agricultural systems tailored to the customer’s specific needs while ensuring the project’s agronomic compatibility to the crop and the region.
Arab-Jewish Center for Empowerment, Equality, and Cooperation Negev Institute for Strategies of Peace and Economic Development
Ajeec is a joint team of Jews and Arabs working together to promote socio-economic development and peace-building among communities in transition.
They work with the local Negev Bedouin community, with Arab and Jewish populations in Israel, with partners in neighboring countries, and with beneficiaries from across the developing world
We offer hand crafted lighting design and bespoke services. Each piece is designed and created in our studio, on a made to order basis by our team of artisans who have been working with us for 30 years.
Alexander Beer
Alexander Beer
Alexander Beer is an Israeli craft brewery with one goal – to make excellent Israeli beer.
We serve fresh, unpasteurized and unfiltered beer.
We always focus our efforts and creativity on brewing beer that’s as delicious and enjoyable as possible.
Asfir Technologies Ltd
Asfir Technologies Ltd Produção
Asfir 4X4 was founded in 1986, as a small automotive seating repair business, over time, the company advanced to production of unique seats for SUV’s and trucks. Today, the company specializes in the development and manufacturing of advanced 4X4 off-road vehicles accessories in the following categories: Dedicated seats, Aluminum skid plates, front & rear bumpers, side steps, utility racks & tow bars.
Avraham Israelov
Avraham Israelov
Immigration and visa attorney in Israel
Avraham Yisrailov attorney's office specializes in the fields of visas and immigration
Immigration and visa attorney Avraham Yisraelov Avraham Yisraelov specializes in all matters related to visas and immigration, we provide diverse legal services to companies and individuals . Our office offers professional legal advice and representation in particularly complex areas of law , our office accompanies its clients at all stages of the procedures and even before taking legal proceedings . all the necessary actions and faithfully represents his clients in all procedures concerning the regulation of status , visas and immigration in Israel at the Ministry of the Interior , the tribunals and the courts

Bina IT/Communication
Bina is a technology boutique company implementing Microsoft Power Bi and help their customers to get business insight using advanced technology tools and expertise.
Brickstone Outros Serviços
The Brickstone Company is network of secure safe complexes specializing in providing security services to valuable documents and products.
Daniel Center Hair Extensions Center LTD
Daniel Center Hair Extensions Center LTD
Your journey to perfect hair – starts here!

Daniel Center is an innovative and unique beauty complex that provides solutions for all beauty services under one roof. and specializes in hair extensions and treatments.

The professional team of Daniel Center has extensive and rich experience in the field. Besides the uncompromising professionalism, our team gives each client a warm, personal and pampering treatment.

We at the Daniel Center have developed unique work methods that are reflected in the most advanced technological equipment in the world that we use. The preparations we work with are the highest quality that exist on the market today,

and have undergone thorough and in-depth tests. Our hair extensions are made from 100% natural human hair of the highest quality available in the world. When our hair extensions come in all types, lengths, textures and colors possible.
Diff-e-rent Wholesale/Retail
Cinema equipment supplier in Tel Aviv, Israel
Dudaim – The Recycling and Environmental Education Park
Dudaim – The Recycling and Environmental Education Park
Dudaim – The Recycling and Environmental Education Park in the Negev, is a waste management plant.

The visitor center serves to raise awareness and environmental responsibility concerning the waste issue in Israel.

You are invited to an engaging journey following the garbage bag, and an ecological tour where you will learn how to treat garbage, types of waste, recycling, how to turn household waste into compost and more.
EVR Motors
EVR Motors Produção
A team of innovators, business leaders and engineering experts..
Creating benchmarking motors that will make EVs more effective and accessible

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איך נסביר לכם מה זה EFFECTO?

EFFECTO זה כמו אריזת מתנה - היא מכילה בתוכה הכל ותמיד מפתיעה.
EFFECTO זה כמו המונח האחרון בתשחץ - זה בדיוק מה שהיה חסר לכם.
EFFECTO זה כמו מוט סלפי - איך הסתדרתם בלי זה עד היום?

אז כפי שוודאי הצלחתם להבין, מדובר בחבילה מלאה של שיווק - ייעוץ, תוכן, עיצוב גרפי, מיתוג, שיווק דיגיטלי, הקמת תערוכות והפקת אירועים וכנסים מקצועיים.
Forte Investment House
Forte Investment House
FORTE Investment House specializes in managing investments in raw funds and managing investment portfolios for private and corporate clients. The investment house operates under a portfolio management license on behalf of the Securities Authority.
Greenme Agricultura
Greenme Specializes in growing and designing succulents. They grow in greenhouses nurture and praise succulents and work hard on ideas to connect the world of succulents with the home, office and garden through designing clean, beautiful and quality tools that will fit exactly perfectly to the growing succulents. Green me grows succulents and cacti in an amazing variety of types, sizes, textures, and colors.