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Markku Luosto
Markku Luosto achieved Professor
witsolutions achieved Começar
sarah achieved Começar achieved Começar
pirouz niknejad
pirouz niknejad achieved Começar
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1 Yenthe Van Ginneken (Oocademy)
Yenthe Van Ginneken (Oocademy)
Doutor 37422 xp
2 Niyas Raphy
Niyas Raphy
Doutor 36544 xp
3 Avinash Nk
Avinash Nk
Doutor 36296 xp
4 Sudhir Arya (ERP Harbor Consulting Services)
Sudhir Arya (ERP Harbor Consulting Services)
Doutor 32031 xp
5 Cybrosys Techno Solutions Pvt.Ltd
Cybrosys Techno Solutions Pvt.Ltd
Doutor 24745 xp
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