Euro-T d.o.o.

Euro-T d.o.o.

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Prušnikova 2
1210 Ljubljana-Šentvid
+386 1 51 04 210

Euro-T is a wholesale Company buying and selling clothes, especially T-shirts, vestibules, polo shirts, accessories’ for restaurants, etc. for different customers. They have suppliers from entire Europe, and they specialize in branding clothes with logos for various Slovenian companies.

Euro-T solved many of their challenges with Odoo. They implemented a web page, which gave them a nice visibility on the market. They are also using CRM, sales and purchase to manage their entire business. Sales reports were also a big pain point in the past, but now they have them in the touch of the hand. With over 50% growth in revenue each year their next focus is eCommerce and a modern B2B portal, which is to be implemented by the end of this year.