Zander: Fitness Companies with Odoo

Company Name: Zander Fitness

Location: Mexico

Industry: Gym Equipment Sales

Apps Implemented: Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Invoicing, CRM, and more.

Company Size: 6 Employees

Number of users: 6

Hosting Type: Odoo Online

Zander Fitness stands out in the industry of fitness-focused businesses, thanks to their unbeatable reputation for creating spaces filled with state-of-the-art gym equipment that can be found all across the nation. 

With a 15-year track record of unparalleled success, the company has solidified its position as a strategic ally for entrepreneurs seeking similar levels of success in the fitness industry. 

Zander Fitness' collaborative approach, working closely with clients -- from inception to goal achievement -- has been pivotal in their ascent within the industry.

Discovering Odoo through a Fitness Alliance

Alejandro Pérez, the Director at Zander, shares how their introduction to Odoo stemmed from an early collaboration, in which the company was supplying gym equipment to Odoo's offices in Mexico. This encounter marked the beginning of a burgeoning relationship that led Zander to consider Odoo as the ideal solution to fuel the company's growth.

The need for a reliable, multi-faceted ERP system to streamline the company's organization and internal processes, as the business continued to expand, led Alejandro to explore various options. Recalling his prior connection with Odoo, he decided to delve deeper into the world-famous ERP's seemingly limitless capabilities.

"At that moment, I was about to acquire another ERP system, but I was very impressed with Odoo's system. After thorough research, I decided not to proceed with the purchase of the other system and to go with [Odoo]," the Zander director remarked.

Choosing Odoo to Drive Efficiency

Zander found several valuable tools in Odoo that significantly impacted their operations. 

The ability to quote with images, the flexibility to adjust products in quotes, and the integrated order and invoicing within a single system, caught the attention of the Zander team. The interconnectivity of all business processes proved to be a significant advantage, but what sealed the deal for Odoo was its potential in inventory management.

Successful Implementation and Continuous Optimization

While Zander has embarked on the transition to Odoo, and already experienced notable improvements, the implementation process is ongoing. 

Alejandro Pérez routinely sings the praises of the Odoo support team during this period. Despite slowing down implementation, due to peak season, the company is eager to continue working with Odoo, leveraging the already integrated functionalities.

Mobile Operability and Monitoring Ease

One aspect that has impressed Pérez is the ability to access Odoo from mobile devices. This feature allows him to monitor employee performance, sales progress, quotes, and so much more with abundant ease and efficiency.

A Future with Odoo

Alejandro Pérez shared future plans with Odoo, revealing the company's intention to implement modules that strengthen customer relationships, facilitating electronic signatures directly within the system. 

The company is excited to complete the full implementation of inventories, and anticipates ongoing collaboration with Odoo to achieve their ever-evolving business goals.

"What I like most about working with Odoo is that it's very user-friendly and understandable. I would describe it as easy, fast, and straightforward." - Alejandro Pérez, Zander's CEO.

About Zander

Zander Fitness specializes in creating and managing fitness businesses nationwide, providing spaces equipped with high-quality gym equipment. The collaboration with Odoo has been fundamental for the company, as Odoo, a versatile ERP system, has significantly optimized Zander's internal organization and operational processes.

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