Seamless Solutions: Cube Care’s Transformed Workflow with Odoo

Location/Region: Miami Gardens, FL

Industry: Healthcare, Manufacturing and Supply

Apps implemented: Manufacturing, Accounting, Inventory, CRM, Helpdesk, Invoicing, Sales, Project, Purchase, Studio, Field Service, Documents

Number of users: 48

Company size: 70

Hosting type (On-premise or Odoo online):

Susana Roblano remembers it clearly– she picked up the old and damaged curtains from the nearby hospital, stuffed them in her Fleetwood Cadillac, and drove them to her mom’s apartment, waiting for her to return from work. Her mom still had the sewing machine that Susana had gifted her, and Susana knew that they needed it to get the job done. They sewed, cleaned, and repaired the curtains until 3 o’clock in the morning. 

For two weeks straight, this was their nightly routine. Finally, Susana returned to the hospital with the finished curtains. The owner of the hospital was more than impressed with her work but had failed to mention that he couldn’t pay her the $800 she was owed unless she was incorporated. In order to get the paycheck that she and her mother had tirelessly worked for, Susana quickly filed to become a legal corporation. The first question? “What is the name of your company?” Susana turned to her coworker, who said the sentence that changed Susana’s life: “Just call it Cube Care!”

Susana didn’t know it at the time, but her spontaneously named business would grow to become extremely successful. Cube Care came to represent all of her hard work and dedication, and is now the nation’s leading manufacturer of privacy curtains and cubicle curtain tracks. Her company’s success and continued growth demanded a system to manage it, which is where Odoo came in.

Looking for the right software for their growing business

Susana Roblano is founder and CEO of Cube Care, which now boasts 70 employees and provides high-quality decorative products and services for healthcare and commercial interiors. This includes products such as the curtains that separate patients from one another in a hospital setting. 

From washing laundry in an apartment to owning their own laundry facility and employing a seamstress, Cube Care has come a long way from its humble beginnings. As the company continued to grow, its software - ServiceCEO - was failing to grow with them. Susana herself called the platform “archaic”, and says that many important tasks were being missed when employees used it, costing the company money. Worst of all, ServiceCEO hindered critical communications– if an employee didn't have a project folder in front of them, it was extremely difficult to get their hands on the information needed to properly do the job. Susana knew that this blocked workflow couldn’t continue for much longer.

She began conducting research after work, pulling late nights to find the right software solution for her growing business. As she explored over 30 different brands - including Salesforce and SAP - she felt as though every option was missing a certain robustness. After hours of research, she finally found Odoo and watched several YouTube videos explaining the specifics of how it could accelerate her business workflows. As Susana herself puts it, Odoo “checked off all the boxes.”

With help from Cube Care’s dedicated Odoo consultant Yasir Azizpore, the company successfully implemented Odoo and migrated over all of their information.

Expanding possibilities with the right ERP system

Cube Care's cubicle curtains ​at Baptist Health​

The transformation in Cube Care’s day-to-day operations since switching to Odoo has been striking. According to Susana, there are finally no roadblocks to communication when it comes to information in the database– everything is connected, and related documents are available with the click of a button. Sales orders, proposals, and cost analyses are all linked within Odoo, allowing easy navigation from one related item to another. 

“Now we focus our people on what makes us money, and we are more selective of the projects we take because now we see what percentages we’re making and where the money is going. The linking of the orders and purchase orders and any expenses on the project is just amazing. It's not even a want, it's a need– it's a need I didn't even know I had until I was able to have it. Oh my god, how did I ever survive?”

The ability to connect to Odoo from anywhere around the world is also extremely important for Cube Care, as they operate out of America, Colombia, and the Philippines. Susana is proud of the fact that Odoo has allowed her company to expand without hiring additional personnel, keeping its workforce costs in check.

The Odoo application that makes the biggest difference in their daily workflow? Helpdesk, by far. Susana’s employee, Yisbet Segrea, emphasizes how crucial Helpdesk is to their business: “[Susana] can send me a task… its very well-organized, we’re able to follow up, she's able to go in there, see my work, look at it, see what’s been updated, what has not been updated, the pictures, the scheduled activity in there, you can put it into different stages and different statuses, it’s very organized.” Susana agrees simply by saying, “It’s SO good, it’s so good.”

The Helpdesk application allows you to see open tickets and priority levels, all in one centralized view.

Being able to see information in one centralized location and transfer projects from one employee to another are both critical functions in Cube Care’s workflow. Without Odoo doing a lot of the nitty-gritty work for them, the company would be bogged down by time-consuming and money-wasting tasks. Susana says, “I couldn’t function without it.”

Continuing to grow with Odoo

As Cube Care reaches higher levels of success than Susana ever imagined, Odoo is prepared to be there for the entire journey. She explains that “you can have a good team, but a big part of it is the infrastructure that you need. If you don't have the right machines to sew, the right software to utilize, then you’re gonna break your team’s back - now we work smarter and not so much harder.” 

When asked what Susana would say to another company debating whether or not to choose Odoo for their business needs, she simply says, “Don’t think about it twice.” She explains that Cube Care is essentially five companies in one, as they do everything from manufacturing and installation, to cleaning and washing, to repair and retail. Odoo, she says, helps her manage all of those responsibilities.

Finding the right tools to make a business’s workflow smoother, easier, and more effective is key to any company’s success. For Susana, it means even more, because owning her own business is a dream come true. “It’s so rewarding when you’re able to work in a company you love and you love the people you work with and it’s a family.” 

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