Odoo & Brainvire Weave Together a Success Plan for Patterson Flynn

Company Name: Patterson Flynn (Division of F. Schumacher & Co.)
Location: New York, US
Industry: Retail (Home Decor)
Company Size: 50-200
Odoo Users: 95
Hosting: Odoo.sh
Apps: CRM, Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Website, Odoo Shopify Connector, Accounting
Implementation Partner: Brainvire Infotech, Inc.
Implementation Timeline: 4 Months 

Since being founded in 1943, Patterson Flynn has been a dominant player in the bespoke carpets and rugs industry. The company's wares are displayed on the floors of mansions and palaces all over the globe, and are admired for their stunning creativity and impeccable quality. 

Patterson Flynn has recently positioned itself as the ultimate design destination by broadening its product offerings to include select fabrics. Customers can trust the firm will provide them with the highest quality products and services available anywhere in the world, whether they're looking for area rugs, runners, wovens, or wallcoverings. Patterson Flynn continues to be driven and committed to satisfying its demanding clients with work of the highest quality.

Although Patterson Flynn is widely recognized as America's leading producer of high-end custom carpets and rugs, there were a few roadblocks that held it back from reaching its full potential. They were a well-established retail company that needed an advanced ERP system to manage inventory and client orders. It took a lot of research and time to determine which of the many available eCommerce solutions was best for their unique business. 

Ultimately, the prestigious company chose Odoo, a complete eCommerce platform that can be easily integrated with its system. This choice guarantees a unified and effective management method across all their businesses.

Effective Management of Information

The renowned carpet and rug maker overcame their problems with the help of better data management. The company understood the role of clean, well-organized data, and how it could improve its ability to make decisions and streamline operations, especially concerning sales order data from the past.

Brainvire adopted a thorough strategy to include its past order information, with little interference to its current systems. Experts imported thousands of sales orders, while painstakingly scrubbing irrelevant data to leave just the most essential elements.

The brand gained useful information after using this simplified data management method. They were able to see sales order data from the past, as well as the present, which aided them in making smarter decisions, improved how they managed their stock, and helped streamline various operations. 

Effective forecasting and planning were now possible because of the brand's ability to recognize trends, patterns, and consumer preferences. They were able to respond quickly to market needs, set accurate prices, and provide individualized service, thanks to the information provided by real-time sales data.

Integrating Financial Systems Seamlessly

Successful integration and synchronization of real-time bank and payment gateways led to better financial operations and higher customer satisfaction, which both played a vital role in the solution to the brand's difficulties. This section discusses how the company's improved transaction processing and reconciliation helped speed up economic and accounting processes.

After reviewing the current Odoo setup, Brainvire suggested tweaks that would improve the company's financial operations. Among the modifications made were the elimination of redundant journal entries, the activation of live bank synchronization, and the addition of Stripe payment sync. The group also set up software to automatically reconcile journals and financial transactions.

Implementing real-time bank and payment gateway synchronization benefited the brand in several ways. First, the finance team saw a boost in productivity when reconciling payments. The team drastically reduced the time and energy needed for human reconciliation, due to automated reconciliation techniques. Thanks to this, the finance team could organize their resources better, which allowed production to soar. 

In addition, they may now process transactions without any glitches because of the real-time synchronization features. Rather than having employees manually enter payment information, the company's Odoo system was synced with their numerous bank channels and payment gateways. This shortened the time taken to process payments, making customers much happier.

These adjustments led to improved financial operations for the brand, and boosted the reliability of its financial records. Insight into the company's finances in real-time allowed for more calculated decisions and better budgeting.

Strategies for a Quick and Easy Appraisal

An important turning point for the company was finding a way to properly categorize and price its products. The corporation overcame obstacles associated with confusing valuation methodologies, leading to better product classification, more precise pricing, and higher profits overall.

The Brainvire team found significant discrepancies in the appraisal and documentation of products after reviewing the brand's financial records. This necessitated a thorough analysis and re-setting of the default configurations.

The company's financial reporting significantly improved after adjusting the master configuration. The profit and loss statements were revised to accurately represent the current economic situation, by updating the income and expenses. The firm's enhanced financial data accuracy enabled them to assess their profitability effectively.

The company could price their wares more accurately, based on their worth, since they had implemented efficient classification and pricing systems. By maximizing revenue and avoiding the risks of under (or overpricing) objects, this improved pricing precision paved the way for higher profits.

Better Protection for Private Conversations

Brand communication security was improved when the company implemented measures to limit access to company email accounts. Benefits, such as keeping private information safe, blocking hacking attempts, and adhering to privacy laws, are highlighted in this section.

Because of the system's dependency on Odoo.sh email services, the brand could not send more than 200 messages and emails per day. The client's actions exceeded this threshold, necessitating an expansion.

To fix the problem, Brainvire installed SendGrid's SMTP services. This update removed all previous limitations on the number of messages (or emails) a user may send or receive. This update greatly improved the brand's ability to convey its message to the masses.

Also, it helped the company send emails with the required level of protection necessary to ensure proper brand communication. It was important to encrypt emails that included critical information, so they could not be read by anyone else, and guaranteed they would avoid data breaches. Because the firm took this measure, it could protect its customers' personal information, which helped maintain their confidence in the brand.

Additionally, SendGrid's SMTP service's ability to provide limitless email and message capacity facilitated smooth internal communication. As a result of removing communication barriers, users became more productive and efficient in their work.

Odoo's End-to-End Solutions are Total Game-Changers

Using a variety of Odoo modules, the company has strategically integrated several different solutions, propelling the brand down the path toward success, and helping them discover the game-changing potential of Odoo's modules. 

These interconnected platforms have a revolutionary effect on the business, improving client interactions, sales and procurement procedures, inventory management, online sales channels, and financial administration duties.

Implementing Odoo's full suite of solutions has provided the company with the tools to achieve unprecedented success, including streamlined data flow, transparency, and superior operational efficiency.


With Odoo's customer relationship management (CRM) module in place, the business can better manage its contacts with customers, and close deals quicker than ever before. As a result, customers are happier, there are more opportunities to make sales, and the customer base is more invested.


The Odoo Sales module streamlines the sales process from lead creation to closing deals. Thanks to this process, the brand can perform tasks, such as analyzing sales data, and monitoring various sales KPIs. Streamlining sales procedures will boost sales forecasts, conversion rates, and productivity.


With Odoo's Purchase module, the company can easily manage purchase orders, supplier information, and shipment tracking from a single location, which greatly increases the streamlining and automating of their purchasing processes. As a result, the whole buying procedure is now simplified and sped up. 

The business could save even more money, increase the reliability of its on-time product deliveries, and fortify its relationships with its suppliers, if it simplified its procurement processes in the same fashion.


Odoo's Inventory module provides complete control of warehouse operations, stock monitoring, and inventory tracking. This makes it much simpler to replenish stock, which helps decrease both stockouts and overstock, while boosting order fulfillment.


The Odoo Website module makes it simple for the organization to construct and manage a responsive website. Product catalog management, eCommerce platforms, and website templates are examples of what's included in this module. The strong connectivity between Odoo modules results in better website order processing, as well as increased customer satisfaction.

Integration with Odoo and Shopify

By establishing a connection between Odoo and Shopify, the Odoo Shopify Connector makes the administration of the company's several eCommerce platforms much more streamlined. 

It updates both systems simultaneously to ensure that both locations have the most recent information on customers, orders, items in-stock, along with any other relevant data. As a result, duplicate input is no longer needed, which paves the way for more effective omnichannel inventory and sales management.


The Accounting module of Odoo simplifies the financial administration process by automating several aspects, including invoicing, payments, and financial reporting. It ensures accurate financial records, simplifies accounting, and gives valuable information for evaluating and making decisions.

Odoo's All-In-One Solutions Provide Greater Productivity and Accuracy

The brand benefited greatly from the deployment of Odoo's all-encompassing solutions. The rug manufacturer aimed to simplify processes and raise productivity. They were able to do this with the help of Odoo's modules. The streamlined operations and increased productivity may be attributed to the one platform dedicated to integrated solutions for handling many facets of the company.

Timely Report Generation

By importing data into Odoo, the company could rapidly produce in-depth reports. These reports were quite helpful in understanding each salesperson's success, in terms of orders and customer lifetime value. Thanks to this data, the brand could make more informed choices, zero-in on improvement areas, and keep better tabs on sales.

Fast and Accurate Account Balancing

The accounting features in Odoo were quite helpful in getting accurate financial balances in a short amount of time. Odoo's financial modules made statement reconciliation ten times quicker than before. This enhancement helped the company save time and guaranteed the integrity of its financial records.

Improved Preciseness

Odoo's inventory management module has enhanced the reliability of stock accounting because of its exact mapping of valuation methods and accounts. The company can now make educated judgments on stock and supply ordering, thanks to accurate and timely data on stock levels. This improved inventory management, and reduced the likelihood of mistakes due to inaccurate stock levels.

Forward as many emails as you want!

SendGrid's SMTP service integration gave the company unlimited email forwarding capability. Thanks to this third-party connection, the brand's system could send all messages without any interruptions. This update significantly boosted internal collaboration by implementing continuous email contact.

Thus, the brand experienced immense benefits from using Odoo's all-encompassing solutions with Brainvire. Rapid report generation allowed for timely analysis of sales results and customer connections. Statement reconciliation is now ten times quicker, more precise, and other financial procedures have been improved, as well. The careful mapping of valuation methods and accounts achieved accurate stock accounting. 

The incorporation of SendGrid's SMTP service allowed unlimited email forwarding, significantly improving internal communication. These outcomes show that Odoo's all-encompassing solutions have greatly affected the brand's operations, efficiency, and accuracy.

About Brainvire Infotech, Inc.

Brainvire Infotech is a prominent Odoo Gold Partner, having executed Odoo implementations in jewelry, manufacturing, retail, transportation, automotive, and real estate.

Thanks to a strong workforce of in-house experts, Brainvire's growth strategy has effectively expedited project deployment for over two decades.

Brainvire provides Odoo implementation services, such as: Complete Migration, Customized Core Odoo Modules, Retail Omnichannel ERP Solutions, Industry-Specific Solutions, GAP Analysis & Consultation, 3rd App Integration, Quality Assurance, Deployment & Rollout, as well as Training.

For more information, visit brainvire.com.

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