From Sugar Rush to Sweet Success: How Crumble Confections Found the Perfect Recipe with Odoo!

Crumble Confections

Company Name: Crumble Confections
Country: Lebanon
Industry: Food and Beverage
Main Apps: Purchase, Sales, Invoicing, Accounting, Manufacturing, Time Off, Payroll, CRM
Number of Odoo Users: 11
Odoo Customer Success Manager: Samer Al Tall
Odoo Implementing Partner: Plennix Technologies

In the sweet confectionery world, Crumble Confections has been delighting taste buds since 1984. As a family-owned business in Lebanon, Crumble has crafted a delectable array of sweets, including chocolates, handcrafted cookies, marzipan, fortune cookies, and more, catering to every palate and occasion. To ensure smooth operations, enhance productivity, and drive growth, Crumble turned to Odoo, the leading ERP solution that proved to be a game-changer for their business.

Uncovering the Perfect Match

Fadi Iskander, the Managing Director at Crumble Confections, embarked on a journey to find the best ERP system to propel their company forward. After thorough research, the team discovered Odoo, renowned globally for its exceptional solutions and competitive edge. Intrigued by the possibilities, they delved deeper into Odoo's offerings, exploring their partnership with Plennix Technologies, a trusted Odoo partner in Lebanon. Convinced by Plennix's expertise, Crumble chose Odoo as their trusted ally for transforming their operations.

Overcoming Fragmentation with Integration

Prior to adopting Odoo, Crumble Confections faced the challenges of relying on multiple disconnected solutions for inventory management, customer relationship management, and production planning. This fragmented approach hindered collaboration within the team and limited informed decision-making. Recognizing the need for change, Crumble integrated Odoo's suite of applications tailored to their specific needs, including sales, inventory, manufacturing, CRM, accounting, and more. This integration created a centralized database, automated processes, and seamless communication across departments, fostering a cohesive and efficient work environment.

Driving Remarkable Results

The impact of implementing Odoo at Crumble Confections has been nothing short of remarkable. The company experienced a significant cost decrease, saving approximately 20% of their total expenditure. By automating various tasks and eliminating manual data entry, Crumble achieved a remarkable 30% increase in productivity. Moreover, implementing Odoo applications enhanced customer satisfaction levels, empowering the team to handle inquiries swiftly, provide accurate delivery information, and process orders efficiently. These positive changes created a ripple effect, propelling Crumble's revenue to new heights.

A Sugary Success

Reflecting on his experience with Odoo, Fadi Iskander, the Managing Director, summarizes it in one word: a sugary success. Odoo's comprehensive and interconnected solutions have transformed how Crumble Confections operates, boosting their efficiency, customer satisfaction, and revenue. With a centralized system in place, Crumble can focus on what they do best: crafting delectable treats while leaving the complexities of business management to Odoo.


Crumble Confections' journey with Odoo exemplifies the transformative power of streamlined operations and integrated solutions. By embracing Odoo's comprehensive suite of applications, Crumble has witnessed cost reduction, increased productivity, improved customer satisfaction, and boosted revenue. With Odoo as their trusted partner, Crumble Confections continues to sweeten the world, one delightful treat at a time.

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