From Chaos to Coziness: The Concept Furniture’s Odoo Success Story

The Concept

Company Name: The Concept
Country: Lebanon
Industry: Retail
Main Apps: CRM, Sales, Website, Point of Sale, Purchase, Inventory, Repairs, Accounting, Invoicing, Payroll, Time off, Maintenance, Fleet
Number of Odoo Users: 31
Odoo Customer Success Manager: Samer Al Tall
Odoo Implementing Consultants: Azkatech

In today's competitive market, businesses face numerous challenges in managing their operations efficiently. The Concept Furniture, a leading home furniture company based in Lebanon, found a solution to their operational struggles through their partnership with Odoo. In this success story, we explore how The Concept Furniture transformed their business processes, streamlined operations, and achieved remarkable growth with the help of Odoo's integrated software solutions.

Meet Abed Alemeh, Founder of The Concept Furniture

Abed Alemeh, the visionary founder of The Concept Furniture, has always been passionate about delivering exceptional home furniture to customers. However, managing various aspects of the business, including manufacturing, imports, and sales, posed significant challenges. The need to work with separate systems for accounting and operations resulted in duplications and potential human errors.

Discovering Odoo and Implementing Integrated Solutions:

Abed Alemeh learned about Odoo through a friend who had studied it as a course in university. Recognizing the potential of Odoo's comprehensive software suite, Abed decided to partner with Azkatec, an Odoo implementation partner, to transform his business. They began by implementing the sales module and gradually expanded to include payroll and accounting functionalities.

Automating Processes and Eliminating Errors

With the previous system, The Concept Furniture faced numerous manual tasks and potential errors. One of the critical issues was the lack of automation, leading to incorrect order entries and duplications. Odoo proved to be a game-changer as it automated the entire sales and purchasing process. When a sales order is entered, it seamlessly generates a corresponding purchase order, eliminating manual errors and saving valuable time.

The Power of Odoo's Research and Development

What sets Odoo apart is its dedicated research and development team, continually working on enhancements and new features. The Concept Furniture benefited from this continuous improvement approach. For example, with Odoo, they gained access to a user-friendly website module, allowing them to create and launch their website effortlessly. Odoo's extensive range of modules provides flexibility, allowing businesses to adapt and explore new functionalities easily.

Simplified Growth and Scalability

By leveraging Odoo's integrated system, The Concept Furniture experienced rapid and manageable growth. With every aspect of their business systemized and organized effectively, they found it easier to expand into new branches. Whether adding one or ten branches, Odoo offered the same seamless concept, ensuring smooth operations and growth.


For The Concept Furniture, partnering with Odoo proved to be a transformative decision. By eliminating duplications, automating processes, and leveraging the power of integrated software solutions, they achieved rapid growth while maintaining control over their operations. With Odoo's ongoing support and continuous development, The Concept Furniture thrived and successfully scaled their business.

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