Asfir 4X4: Achieving Digital transformation with Odoo

Layline Tech leads disruptive innovation from Advanced manufacturing to Customer centric business model

Company name: Asfir Technologies Ltd
Location: Migdal Ha’emek, Israel 
Industry: Accessories and improvements for 4X4 off-road vehicles
Partner name: Layline Tech 
Main Apps implemented: Inventory, Purchase, Sales, CRM, Manufacturing
Size of the company: 1OO Employees
Number of Odoo Users: 30

About Asfir

Asfir 4X4 was founded in 1986 in the rural estate of the company’s CEO & Founder Tzachi Oz, in Moshav Tel-Adashim, located in the Jezreel Valley. After Oz’s release from  the IDF, he set up a small automotive seating repair business with his brother. Over time, the company advanced to production of unique seats for SUV’s and trucks. Today, the company specializes in the development and manufacturing of advanced 4X4 off-road vehicles accessories. 

The company’s line of products includes thousands of products suitable for a wide range of vehicles, but mainly for 4X4 off-road vehicles, in the following categories: Dedicated seats, Aluminum skid plates, front & rear bumpers, side steps, utility racks & tow bars. The factory uses the latest equipment and advanced technology, enabling its Development and Engineering teams to produce a range of protective equipment and complementary products for off-road vehicles, for private customers, commercial, governmental and security institutions, in Israel and all over the world.

Asfir exports its products all over the globe, from several offices dotted around the world, and runs joint ventures with leading conglomerates in the global automotive industry. The company operates under the supervision of the Standards Institution of Israel and comply to the Quality Control Standard - ISO 9001-2015.

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Implementing Odoo 

For many years, Asfir’s main Information Systems was based on the Sap Business One financial system. As the company grew, they tried to implement a suitable solution, with a variety of vendors, for the production shop floor and the main warehouse’ inventory management, without any success.

During a meeting with Layline Tech team, Asfir's executives were impressed by the flexibility, user-friendliness, and modularity of Odoo’s open-source cloud based integrative solution. 

After several meetings, Asfir decided to adopt Odoo’s innovative solution, and became the first enterprise to implement it in Israel. The implementation was led by the Layline Tech team, who are Odoo Silver Partners. Parallel to the implementation of Odoo at Asfir, the Layline Tech team translated all Odoo apps to Hebrew, and worked with Odoo’s development team on the Israeli localization to ensure that the system complies with all the Israeli Tax authority guidelines and regulations.

During the first phase of the project: Sales, Inventory, Manufacturing and Purchase applications were implemented. After a pilot period that examined the main processes end-to-end on a limited range of products, Asfir rolled out the full range operation of the system across all its product categories, dealing with all customers and suppliers and upgraded to Odoo version 13, all the while meeting the challenges and uncertainty brought on by Covid-19.

Odoo provided a complete solution. From the customer order to the point of delivery – through to the planning, execution and control of production, inventory management and procurement. The solution also supported a multi-company environment with procurement and selling processes between the companies and subcontractors. 

Odoo now allows Asfir full visibility of its inventory status at any given time, and at any stage from the time the order is placed, through to the production process and delivery to the customer.

The company’s sales people and managers operate the system from anywhere and at any time, including via mobile phones, due to the flexibility of the system in the cloud.

“Odoo is an outstanding system and user friendly, even veterans who weren’t born into the hi-tech generation know how to use the system, to maintain it and manage it.”
- Tzachi Oz, CEO and founder of Asfir 4x4.

A Customer centric business model

Today, Asfir implements the Odoo CRM app in order to achieve a customer-centric business model. Odoo provides a 360° view of the customer data and activities. The goal is to uniformly manage all customer relationships in the system with all points of contact and sales channels with the customers: Direct sales, online, call center, including digital connection and social networks. It also enables the company to conduct marketing campaigns based on detailed data analysis.

“Just as we at Asfir know how to address our clients’ needs and specifications, we follow the same concept with Odoo’s system. The Layline Tech team meet with us, analyze our needs and provide us with the perfect solution in Odoo.” 
- Joey Mol, Asfir 4x4’s Chair Division manager

Adapting to the digital world

According to the vision of Tzachi Oz, CEO of Asfir, Odoo enable many opportunities for innovation, solutions that adapt and progress with a world that is becoming more and more digitally-oriented. Like many others, Asfir was forced into a new reality due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Odoo's features were a perfect solution to Asfir’s needs, especially in such a challenging period.

Asfir is a complex company in terms of processes and information systems. It combines export, import, engineering and product development, execution of special projects for customers, marketing, and sales in Israel and around the globe. And in addition they provide services for their products and customers. Thus it was of great importance to find a system that would suit its diverse activities in a rapidly changing world. 

“The combination of a perfect software like Odoo, and excellent services and support from Layline Tech – that is the game changer”, concludes Tzachi.

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