Scale-Up! El Juego de Negocios [SP]

“¡Scale-Up! El Juego de Negocios” es un juego publicado por Odoo S.A. bajo licencia creative common BY-NC-SA.

Autores: Charline Louis, Fabien Pinckaers.
Diseño gráfico: Nicolas Micheau, Csaba Fazekas.
Editor: Odoo S.A. Chaussée de Namur, 40 - 1367 Bélgica

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ScaleUp Business Game

Learn and have fun!

Did you ever dream of starting your own business? Or wondered what you needed to know? With Odoo Scale-Up! you will learn all of that through 7 different business cases.

You’ll start by setting up the processes of a simple retail business. Then grow by deploying a manufacturing line, tracking services, launching an eCommerce and more!

With this game you will:

  • Learn how to create and scale a business from scratch

  • Jump between your cards and your connected device for an interactive experience

  • Configure your solution on your free Odoo Online database

  • Get 60 beautiful and easy-to-understand paper cards

  • Play with 7 different business cases

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Easy to play!

The game has 7 business cases of 8 to 10 cards each.
Start with the game “Buy and Sell”, then continue playing according to your own strategy.
For each card, follow these 3 steps:

1. Read the business case on the front.
Don't look at the back yet!

2. Play online and create your solution.

3. Compare what you did with
our solution on the back of the card.

ScaleUp Business Game