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AdaLogic LLC

Silver Partner

AdaLogic LLC
2928 Union Ave
San Jose, CA 95124
Stati Uniti d'America

AdaLogic is an Odoo Professional Services company with offices in San Francisco, CA. The AdaLogic team has over 10 years of experience configuring and developing in the Odoo platform.

The team has come together to solve the single largest challenge facing all companies implementing ERP:



The prominent reason why implementations fail is due to a lack of communication. AdaLogic has cut out unnecessary elements to the implementation by hiring resources who are both technical, as well as business oriented. Having a single point of contact who delivers all your services streamlines the entire implementation and helps protect against miscommunication.


A consequence of poor communication is client mismanagement. When information gets lost in translation between teams, and expectations become unaligned, this results in a loss of time and money for the client. By having a single point of contact it removes obstacles that result in miscommunication, which serves to promote both transparency and effective alignment of expectations. 


When clients are mismanaged, this usually results in decreased transparency around the project. Issues around billing, deliverables, and overall expectation setting erode client trust. With a single point of contact, along with itemized timesheet records sent with each invoice, your single point of contact will be capable of answering any questions you might have, about any element of the project.


Kuubix Energy, Inc
Kuubix Energy, Inc
Kuubix is a CA based company that stays away from the traditional solar approach. Instead of stacking on as many panels as we can for our customers (like most solar companies), we want to first analyze the two major problems associated with high energy cost (Lighting and A/C units).