Unbuild product into components, option to add serial number for each component?

Terry Wan

Hi team,

Just for example purposes, I am a company that buys second hand computers and servers.
When we receive the inventory and we put it directly into our warehouse.

E.g. Receive HPE ProLiant DL360 Gen 10 server.

But at times we require to take components from that server to use so we divide up the parts, e.g:
The RAM, raid card, SAS disk, Chassis, power supply etc.

I just recently installed the Manufacturing Module that allowed me to 'Unbuild' a standard server into its components but I could not figure out a way to assign a unique serial number for each individual part.

When I tried it threw up an error, 
"Some of your components are tracked, you have to specify a manufacturing order in order to retrieve the correct components."

If I create a manufacturing order, it will throw up the error:

"You cannot unbuild a undone manufacturing order."

One workaround I had was to change the product (components) so that they did not include a serial number, using this method, I was able to unbuild my product, but I would like a way to unbuild a product and input the serial number of each component so that we can easily track them.

Any help would be much appreciated.