Partner Success Story: Accounting Change Management with Odoo
Luogo: Second Floor - Hall 2 - 30/11/23, 16:00 - 30/11/23, 16:30 (US/Eastern) (30 minuti)
Partner Success Story: Accounting Change Management with Odoo
"Murtada Karjikar"
"Murtada Karjikar"

Murtada Karjikar is a results-driven and highly accomplished Accounting Professional with 15 years of extensive experience in the finance domain. With rich corporate experience, he has worked at Telecom giants in the middle east, PwC Canada and leading gold Odoo partners in North America. Murtada holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) University of Manchester, UK, as well as being a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) in the USA. He also earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting. Throughout his career, Murtada has refined his skills and gained a deep understanding of various financial processes and systems. Notably, he has 8 years of hands-on experience in spearheading and managing complex Odoo accounting implementation projects, collaborating with Accounting heads and CFO’s to devise comprehensive roadmaps and ensure seamless execution. His expertise includes Financial and Management Accounting, ERP Implementation and Integration, Budget Planning and Forecasting, Strategic Financial Analysis, Process Improvement and Optimization, as well as Team Leadership and Mentorship. Murtada’s philosophy centers around continuous learning, fostering a growth mindset, and approaching challenges with a positive attitude to seek innovative solutions that yield meaningful results.

Change is a constant in the world of finance and accounting, driven by evolving regulations, technology advancements, and business dynamics. Join us for an insightful discussion, as we explore the intersection of accounting expertise and change management. 

Discover strategies that lead to successful accounting transformations, optimized processes, and maintained financial integrity during periods of change -- with Odoo. 

Key Points 

1. Exploring the core principles of change management, and how they apply to the accounting function. 

2. Navigating the sensitive balance between maintaining financial stability and embracing innovation -- during change initiatives. 

3. Strategies for accounting professionals to effectively lead teams and stakeholders through transitional phases, while fostering a committed "buy-in." 

4. Impact on how accounting changes can influence financial reporting, and the importance of ensuring accuracy and transparency. 

5. Streamline accounting processes, and enhance financial decision-making during periods of change. 

6. Identifying and mitigating potential risks associated with accounting changes to ensure financial integrity. 

7. Establishing communication framework to keep all stakeholders informed (and aligned) during accounting transformations. 

8. Real-world examples of organizations, with a focus on accounting changes, and highlighting key lessons learned. 

9. Strategies for accounting professionals to enhance their adaptability skills, and stay ahead in a rapidly changing environment. 

Audience Benefits

1. Gain a deep understanding of the impact of change on the accounting function. 

2. Learn proven strategies to effectively lead and manage accounting changes. 

3. Discover how to align accounting changes with broader organizational goals. 

4. Walk away with practical steps and useable knowledge to drive successful accounting change initiatives. 

Target Audience: Accounting professionals, finance leaders, CFOs, and project managers that represent finance transformation projects.