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Booking Moto ATV
Booking Moto ATV Trasporto
We are the largest moto rental booking platform worldwide. We're trying to help travelers enjoy their holidays and support them through our experienced team. eBookingmoto is a network of partner travel agencies across Europe.
Truckpoint Ltd.
Truckpoint Ltd. Trasporto
The need for simplicity in fuel and toll payments is more pressing than ever. Managing the toll taxes and uplifts is critical in maintaining a competitive edge. Truckpoint Ltd. knows how important it is to be flexible managing the fleet, so they have 24/7 online access to its client profile. Fuel cards give access to the world’s largest network of sites, which in turn makes it easy for the drivers to choose an uplifting point. ITEX Bulgaria is the Truckpoint’s local Odoo implementation, training and support partner.