Understanding Your Business Better: Odoo Reorganizes Inventory and Finance Operations In FastPrint

Company Name: FastPrint
Location: French Polynesia 
Industry: Manufacturing, Services
Company Size: 14
Apps Implemented: Calendar, CRM, Data Cleaning, Attendances, Discuss, Barcode, Invoicing, Sales, Website, eCommerce, Point of Sale, Employees, Studio, Purchase, Inventory, Accounting, Dashboards, Contacts 
No. of Odoo Users: 10
Hosting Type: Odoo.sh
Implementation Time: 2 Months

Turning treasured memories into lifelong collectibles, FastPrint is a specialty printing company in French Polynesia. Besides regular commercial printing, the company also offers customized printing on various souvenirs, such as mugs, pens, USBs, and more. 

In 2019, the printing company welcomed a new director, and COVID-19 hit the islands soon enough. Turning the furlough into a chance to understand and reorganize FastPrint, the new Director discovered a lot of blocking points in the business and decided to solve them by implementing Odoo.

Dated Legacy Systems

  • A Dated Website: Supported by a local solution, the 2018 design looked backward.
  • Ineffective POS: Also supported by the local solution, the POS system was slow and bugged. It was also incapable of registering multiple payment options in the same order. Without an effective operations management (OM) system, FastPrint manually took stock counts and predicted business performance with previous sales records on the same system.
  • Inaccurate Inventory: Expectably, the constantly updating stock level failed to be shared with the rest of the team in real-time for the manual inventory count. FastPrint needed a low stock alert function to maintain a safety stock level. 

Revamping Business Operations

With Odoo, we don't have to be stuck with software problems.

Laurent Dufy • Director at FastPrint

Implementing the all-in-one Odoo solution, FastPrint now experiences a more professional workflow from the front end to the back that the team of various levels of computer literacy finds no hassle adapting to. 

Customized Website

Rebuilding an online presence with Odoo Website, FastPrint now has a website that clearly lays out all products and services available and connects to Odoo eCommerce on the backend that automatically registers and shares all online sales with other inventory and finance management apps. 

Accessible also on mobile devices, the sales team can also immediately log new deals directly onto the backend when bumping into customers outside of the store, staying true to Tahiti's more casual business style. 

More so, the printing company has developed an online drawing board function by integrating with Fancy Product Designer, allowing customers to visualize the design online before actualizing it. 

Convenient POS

Organized and intuitive, Odoo POS presents product categories and abundant variants in clarity, allowing the storefront sales to quickly process the transaction in a few clicks during busy days. 

Integrated with Systempay, the team now also caters to multiple payment methods, such as credit cards, cash, and wire transfers, within the same transaction. 

Accurate Inventory

For the sake of the interconnected eCommerce and POS modules, FastPrint now enjoys inventory accuracy on Odoo Inventory. Every product sold is now automatically registered on the system, with all transaction details synchronized, reflecting the most updated stock count in accuracy. 

Furthermore, the safety stock level feature is activated on the Inventory module. As the stock level reaches the configured level, the Odoo system automatically gets triggered to alert managers at FastPrint on the system and via email. Purchase orders (PO) will then get automatically generated through Odoo Purchase. And it just takes purchasing managers a few clicks to place restocks from overseas by approving the Odoo-suggested POs with all taxes calculated.

Streamlined Finance

Keeping records of FastPrint's income and expenditure on the Accounting module, the Odoo system helps the Director at the company to keep constant and error-free track of the business's performance. 

The first feature that has made managing finances easier is Odoo's flexibility to create reverse invoices to balance incorrect entries. 

The dynamic reporting function is the second, however not less important, feature that the team finds helpful when evaluating FastPrint's performance. With the flexibility to customize filters, Odoo Accounting allows the printing business to generate different types of reports, namely general profitability, performance, and tax reports, to optimize cash flow and strategize upcoming business direction. 

When a fiscal year ends, FastPrint can easily select and export the range of relevant data on Odoo Accounting into an Excel sheet before importing its mother company's third-party accounting system. 

Effective Communication

The complimentary "Log Note" function is another important feature that fosters better communication among team members. Available in all modules, the note section is a common place for the team to share knowledge regarding the project, visible to everyone with access. 

An Intuitive Solution

The benefits of the Odoo transformation are myriad. Not only has operating the business on both the front end and back been streamlined for the team, but managing the company has also been more effortless as the web-based nature allows the managers and director to keep track of all activities anywhere, anytime. 


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