Openware Expands Their Business With Odoo

Company Name: Openware Information Systems Consulting Company

Location: Kuwait

Industry: Information Technology

Platform Main Apps Implemented: CRM, Invoicing, Sales, Accounting, Project, Inventory, Purchase, Timesheet, Expenses, Leaves/Time off, Recruitment, Employee, Payroll ,eSign, Helpdesk, Marketing automation, Documents, Studio, Website, Events, Appraisal

Company Size: 230+ employees

About Openware Information Systems Consulting Company

Established in 1994, Openware is a Kuwaiti based company specializing in providing GIS (Geographic Information Systems) solutions and services. Openware collaborates with leading software vendors and data providers to offer their customers the most modern and comprehensive selection of geospatial solutions worldwide. With more than 230 employees, Openware is the leading geospatial solution and service in Kuwait.

Complexity with Multiple Systems 
In the past, Openware had to use multiple software systems, 8 in total including Salesforce, Microsoft Enterprise Project and Honeywell, for their various business activities such as Accounting and Payroll, Projects and Timesheet, Sales and Purchasing etc. The issue that quickly arose was that the team did not have a bird’s-eye view of the big picture, and as the multiple systems were unable to effectively integrate, the employees would find themselves having to repeat data entries for the same functions across all the systems. Each individual system was missing important functionalities, and basic necessities such as history logs and transactions were impossible to register.

In terms of Accounting and Payroll, some of the pain points uncovered were the issues around employees not having access to a self-service portal allowing them to fill in their personal timesheets, while the human resource team were forced to manually calculate payrolls, and with a nonexistent recruitment database the team had no way to communicate with applicants in an automated and straightforward way. When it came to project management, there was no system that helped sum up the services and the materials used against any one given project, and no central data entry or reporting point was available to keep track of any project related issues. 

Missed opportunities in terms of revenue and time ill-spend were beginning to pile up. Implementing a single integrated system was crucial in order for Openware to successfully meet all their needs and requirements. Through this type of system, they would be able to minimise the costs, augment time savings, and improve the internal coordination between the different teams.

One Software For All Business Needs

After going through all of the applications (Apps) available at Odoo and realizing its ease of use and simple integration, the implementation of the software began. Some of Openware’s needs were unique, but since Odoo is an open source software customizing and redesigning parts of the solutions in order to better assist the business was an option. The Odoo Apps implemented and their use, included:

Sales & Projects

to help track the project costs on a daily basis and track the sales performance over different periods .


being able to change the project based on the inventory transactions.


A true lifesaver at this time as it was implemented during COVID-19 and allowed for signatures to be captured through an e-format


bringing this to a web interface versus the existing desktop system that required a LAN to function


introducing a database where it’s possible to evaluate candidates and automate the communication with the applicants

Help desk

assisted in providing better customer service

Marketing Automation

implemented targeted marketing and automated the marketing from the same opportunities and projects found in the system


implemented all the ISO procedures not covered by standard systems


Select and delete blocks to remove features.


automated all the incoming and outgoing documents


one hub reflecting all the registrations for the conferences, seminars, and trainings held


associated purchasing with the total project cost


log future invoices to forecast revenue for the existing running projects


 allow the company’s employees to record their own expenses

Timesheet and Attendance

finally a 360 view on the productivity of the team, including integrated attendance, timesheet, and requested leaves

Annual leave

allow the company’s employees to record their own expenses

A Powerful Impact

Introducing the Odoo software into their business generated a chain of positive results for Openware’s team. Finally, one single fully integrated software solution was able to monitor and show every aspect of the business. A simple switch to Odoo, increased team performance in terms of sales, since having a 360 overview allowed for no opportunity to be missed. Further, there was an increase in both supplier satisfaction, through systemized management of purchases, and in customer satisfaction, through timely resolutions of support tickets. And to respond to the new needs that occurred during the pandemic, Openware implemented the e-signature option to increase the safety and security of their employees, and integrated Microsoft Teams with Odoo to maximize the flow of crucial information within the teams themselves. Today, Openware can focus on growing and expanding their success, and trust Odoo in ensuring their business is simplified and running seamlessly.

“With Odoo, the information flows easily, the software is easy to use as well as to integrate into the current workflow, while the flexibility of an open source software allows us to customize Odoo for our specific needs.”

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