Ali Al-Fauzan & Sons Real Estate Co. Builds Future with Odoo

Company Name: Ali Al-Fauzan & Sons Real Estate Co.

Country: KSA 

Industry: Real Estate

Odoo Customer Success Manage: Naji Dumariah (nadu)

The Star

Ali Al-Fauzan & Sons Real Estate Co. was established in 1988 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the goal of becoming a leading player in the real estate sector. It is a 100% Saudi national company with more than 30 years of experience in the industry. The company has a reputation for presenting innovative engineering ideas and designs, high professionalism, and credibility in project implementation. It has invested in different real estate and industrial fields and has achieved many significant real estate accomplishments throughout the Kingdom. The company aims to continue its investment in the development of the real estate sector as it sticks to its motto "Invest in the beating heart of the industry."

The Before

Before joining Odoo the company struggled with managing its operation using multiple software tools that were not integrated. Using multiple tools caused constant errors and increased the amount of manual work done by the team. The old software couldn't keep up with the growing company's needs and its demand for having one comprehensive platform where all employees can work simultaneously.

With Odoo

After implementing Odoo, they finally were able to work in a system that could cope with the latest trends in real estate development. Finally, all workflows were integrated into one platform, and the process of getting information from the reports was simplified.

Watch the video to learn more about Ali Al-Fauzan & Sons Real Estate Co. success with Odoo.

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