Get your SSL Certificate Automatically on Odoo

What is SSL?

The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a cryptographic protocol designed to provide communications security. It is used in applications such as web browsing, email, or instant messaging. It also secures all communications between servers and web browsers.

The protocol aims to provide privacy and data integrity between the communicating computer applications. When secured by this kind of certificate, the connection between a client and a server is encrypted.

What's new about Odoo?

For Odoo Saas, if you want to use your own domain name, the process is still the same:

  1. Create a CNAME record pointing to your database in your domain manager (e.g. OVH, Gandi,...);
  2. Redirect to;
  3. That's it! Odoo generates the certificate for you, automatically.

Up to now, Odoo users needed to use a third-party CDN service provider such as CloudFlare to enable SSL. It is not required anymore.

If you already use CloudFlare or a similar service, you can keep using it or simply change for Odoo. The choice is yours.

The same is already available for Odoo SH.

This service is currently in beta-testing, and for this reason there is no automatic redirection from plain HTTP to HTTPS. Users will need to manually type HTTPS:// at the beginning of the URL.

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