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Confianz Global Inc
Confianz Global Inc Certified v12
Confianz Global, Inc is a Software Solutions provider headquartered in Charlotte, NC, United States. Confianz has undergone exponential growth in a mere period of 10 years. Being a global enterprise established strongly in The USA and India, Confianz provides quality software service to clients in almost 10 countries around the world. We are an interactive, reliable company, which thrives on the satisfaction we provide our customers.
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Systems Services, Inc.
Systems Services, Inc. Certified v12
ERP provider founded in 1979, Systems Services continues to be focused on solutions to your particular business needs. SSI has been family owned and operated for over 40 years. We are experts in ERP Software, Point of Sale Software, Development, and Implementation. With our help, your business will save time, reduce costs, and automate your workflow. Our team of professionals will work with you from minor improvements in process to complete Business Process Re-engineering. Systems Services team ...
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Hibou Corp.
Hibou Corp. Certified v11 Certified v12 Certified v13
Hibou is a business solutions company with one goal in mind: To help your business run better.

Because no two companies are alike, we'll work with you to analyze your goals, streamline your operations and customize the perfect Odoo implementation for your business. And we'll do it with style, sprinkling a bit of happiness into your everyday tasks.

With a solid background in development, server management, project management, marketing and eCommerce, Hibou is ready to deliver awesomeness to you ...
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Silverdale Tech
Silverdale Tech Certified v13
At Silverdale, we're focused on more than just good technology - we help you to build a better business.

Our unique process and people driven implementation methodology ensures you get the most from your new ERP system. Starting with your current business processes and the people who operate them every day, our joint implementation plan focuses on the highest impact areas first to get you the right results, quickly.
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AdaLogic LLC
AdaLogic LLC
AdaLogic is an Odoo Professional Services company with offices in San Francisco, CA. The AdaLogic team has over 10 years of experience configuring and developing in the Odoo platform.
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Mazi Systems
Mazi Systems
Mazi Systems is a leading provider of business improvement solutions, specializing in customized, integrated systems for niche markets in a range of manufacturing, distribution, and service industries.
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