Evento Odoo Experience 2019 starts on 30 de septiembre de 2019, 8:00:00 CEST
POS Integration with Glory Cash Recyclers and RFID Bracelets
Location: Aula Magna / Biéreau - 3/10/19 5:30 - 3/10/19 5:50 (-0400) (20 minutos)

POS Integration with Glory Cash Recyclers and RFID Bracelets
Pascale Woodruff Business Analyst & Project Manager  at BHC

Pascale Woodruff is Project Manager and Business Analyst at BHC

More and more retailers are aiming to become "Cashless" to avoid cash manipulation errors and theft. For example, recreation parks or big events such as festivals often propose internal digital currencies for their customers which greatly facilitates transactions on the site.     

In this talk, we will present two cashless methods that have been integrated with Odoo POS (besides debit/credit cards):     

- Glory cash recyclers: these complex machines accept coins and bills, and dispense change to customers. 

Odoo POS will automatically send the expected amount to the cash recycler and will be informed when the transaction is completed. This allows customers to still pay in cash while avoiding any cash manipulation by cashiers. This module was developed by BHC and Datages.    

- RFID Bracelets: customers will receive RFID bracelets that can be recharged with pre-paid "credits". These credits can then be used to purchase items through Odoo POS, and the customer balance can easily be consulted by cashiers at all times. Optionally, the bracelets can also be used for postpaid payments. This is a community module developed by IT-Projects LLC.    

After demonstrating these tools, we will provide a concrete customer case of a recreation park in Belgium, which operates with both cashless methods.       

The presentation will be given by BHC (Odoo Gold partner), Datages (POS hardware supplier), and Glory (cash recycler manufacturer)