Evento Odoo Experience 2019 starts on 30 de septiembre de 2019, 8:00:00 CEST
Essatto for Odoo – Analyse the Past & Visualise the Future
Location: Aula Magna / Biéreau - 3/10/19 9:30 - 3/10/19 9:50 (-0400) (20 minutos)

Essatto for Odoo – Analyse the Past & Visualise the Future
Richard Jardine Chief Operating Officer  at Essatto Software

Are you an Odoo user that requires more advanced management, analysis and reporting of your financial & operational data?

Essatto is an integrated multi-scenario solution that manages data from multiple sources, delivers a range of reporting outputs, including dashboards, provides a framework for the management of budgets and forecasts (top down or bottom up) and presents a consolidated view of historical and forecast data.

What's more, Essatto offers a live link to Excel so you can retain your current spreadsheets and refresh data directly from the Essatto 'one version of the truth' database.

What you will learn...

- How to load Odoo data to Essatto cloud
- How to create dashboards in Essatto
- How to manage budget inputs from Excel to Essatto
- How to share data with other users
- Key benefits of using Essatto to manage Odoo and other data

What you can expect from the talk...

You will gain an understanding of how Essatto Cloud connects to Odoo data sources to provide advanced reporting, dashboards, consolidations, data hierarchies management, budget management and data warehousing capabilities. You will also be offered a free trial of Essatto Cloud with Odoo connector at the end of the presentation.