Evento Odoo Connect 2019 starts on 5 de noviembre de 2019, 8:00:00 -0800
What's New in Odoo 13 Accounting?
Location: Main Hall - 6/11/19 13:00 - 6/11/19 13:50 (-0600) (50 minutos)

What's New in Odoo 13 Accounting?
Richard Shall, Business Advisor & Solutions Architect at Odoo Business Analyst Manager  at Odoo Inc. http://odoo.com

With 5 years of experience implementing, managing, and selling Odoo projects, Richard Shall has a wealth of experience in advising companies on how to use Odoo to better manage their operations. With the assistance of an expert Accounting background, he has been able to delve deep into the accounting features and functionalities that small and medium sized businesses may not realize they want (or need).

Are you an accountant looking for an incredible tool to help you handle your daily business in modern and intuitive software? Don't miss this talk!

During this talk, you will learn how Odoo can be used by an accounting firm to manage their different customers, completely paperless, and offering them added value to their services.

Over the past year, Odoo has put a lot of effort into making Odoo Accounting an indispensable tool for accountants. A whole new bunch of features will be available in Odoo 13 thanks to a collaboration with different accounting firms.