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采购询价, 采购招标还是采购订单?

虽然它们紧密的联系在一起, 采购需求单, 采购招标单和采购订单还是存在一定的差异。

A Request for Quotation (RfQ) is used when you plan to purchase some products and you would like to receive a quote for those products. In Odoo, the Request for Quotation is used to send your list of desired products to your supplier. Once your supplier has answered your request, you can choose to go ahead with the offer and purchase or to turn down the offer.

A Purchase Tender (PT), also known as Call for Bids, is used to drive competition between several suppliers in order to get the best offer for a list of products. In comparison to the RfQ, a Purchase Tender is sent to multiple suppliers, stating each are competing with one another, and that the best offer will win. The main interest is that it usually leads to better offers.

The Purchase Order (PO) is the actual order that you place to the supplier that you chose, either through a RfQ, a Purchase Tender, or simply when you already know which supplier to order from.


A RfQ is interesting when you have never purchased the products with that supplier before and therefore don’t know their price. It is also useful if you want to challenge your suppliers once you have a well-established relationship with them. You can also use it to assess the cost of a project and see if it makes it feasible.

A Purchase Tender is used for public offers that require an open offering from several suppliers. It is also useful when you need to make a one-off order for a product and you would like to get the best offer, no matter which supplier it is. It may be used when your supplier has not been up to your standards and you would like to either push them to deliver a better service, or find a replacement in their competitors.


RfQs become unnecessary once you have established your favorite supplier for each item, and will only increase the delay in the delivery of your items. In that case, the process will be simpler by starting straight from a Purchase Order.

Purchase Tenders are a long and tedious process that will likely take more than several weeks in the best cases. If you need a quick delivery, this is not the way to go. Also, if you have a well-established relationship with one supplier, think twice before you initiate a PT with them as it might tear the relationship and finally lead to less interesting deals.


我的公司生产木质家具。对那些新建的系列桌子, 我们需要螺丝, 金属框架和橡胶护角。

我在Odoo里为这些产品创建了一个询价单并发邮件给我的供应商。他回复了一个报价。然而我对此并不满意, 我想看看谁能提供一个更好的报价。

我决定推动一点竞争并建立一个采购招标, Odoo会发送给我指定的供应商。在我收到的8个报价外, 有一个引起了我的注意我决定和这个继续下去。

我通过采购招标建立了一个采购订单并和供应商确认了订单, Odoo自动要求供应商交货。


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