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How to setup a multi-company sale/purchase flow?


Odoo is an outstanding solution to help small companies growing their business. But it also perfectly meets the needs of multinational companies.The inter-company feature helps you to buy and/or sell products and services between different branches within your conglomerate.

  1. Purchase orders and sales orders can be related. If a company within your group creates a purchase or a sales order, the corresponding document is automatically created for your company. All you have to do is check that everything is correct and confirm the sale. You can automate the validation on your sales and purchase orders.
  2. Het is ook mogelijk om enkel facturen en creditnota's af te handelen.

Manage intercompany rules

Go to Settings ‣ General Settings. Flag Manage multiple companies and then Manage Inter Company.

Klik op Toepassen.

Nieuwe opties zullen verschijnen.

In the drop-down list, choose the company on which you want to add rules.

If you click on SO and PO setting for inter company, you will get extra options.

When you are done, click on Apply, then you can repeat the same steps for the other companies.