external id
external identifier
external identifiers

string identifier stored in, can be used to refer to a record regardless of its database identifier during data imports or export/import roundtrips.

External identifiers are in the form (e.g. account.invoice_graph). From within a module, the module. prefix can be left out.

Sometimes referred to as “xml id” or xml_id as XML-based Data Files make extensive use of them.

format string

inspired by jinja variables, format strings allow more easily mixing literal content and computed content (expressions): content between {{ and }} is interpreted as an expression and evaluated, other content is interpreted as literal strings and displayed as-is

Geographic Information System

any computer system or subsystem to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage or present spatial and geographical data.


process of removing extraneous/non-necessary sections of files (comments, whitespace) and possibly recompiling them using equivalent but shorter structures (ternary operator instead of if/else) in order to reduce network traffic