How to choose the right flow to handle receipts?


Depending on factors such as the type of items you receive, the size of your warehouse, the number of receipt you register everyday… the way you handle receipts to your customers can vary a lot.

Odoo allows you to handle receipts from your warehouse in 3 different ways:

  • One step: Receive goods directly in stock.

  • Two steps: Unload in input location then go to stock.

  • Three steps: Unload in input location, go through a quality control before being admitted in stock.

Odoo uses routes to define exactly how you will handle the different receipt steps. The configuration is done at the level of the warehouse. In standard, the reception is a one step process, but changing the configuration can allow to have 2 or even 3 steps.

The principles are the following:

  1. One step: You receive the goods directly in your stock.

  2. Two steps: You receive the goods in an input area then transfer them from input area to your stock. As long as the goods are not transferred in your stock, they will not be available for further processing.

  3. Three steps: In many companies, it is necessary to assess the received good. The goal is to check that the products correspond to the quality requirements agreed with the suppliers. Adding a quality control step in the goods receipt process can become essential.

    You receive the goods in an input area, then transfer them into quality area for quality control. When your quality check process finishes then you can move the goods from QC to stock. Of course, you may change the quantity and only transfer to Stock the quantity that is valid and decide that you will return the quantity that is not good.


One step flow

This is the default configuration in Odoo.

Two steps flow

Please read documentation on How to unload your shipment to an input location? (2 steps)

Three steps flow

Please read documentation on How to add a quality control step in goods receipt? (3 steps)