Connect a Printer

When using your IoT Box in Odoo, you could need to use a printer. Doing so is easy and convenient as it can be done in a few steps. Then, you can use it to print receipts, orders or even reports in different Odoo apps.


To connect the printer to the IoT Box, you just have to combine the two by cable.


Sometimes, a serial to USB adapter may be needed.

If your printer is a supported one, there is no need to set up anything because it will be automatically detected as soon as it is connected.


The printer can take up to two minutes to appear in your devices list.


In some cases, you may need to restart the box and download your printer’s drivers from the box. To do so, go to the IoT Box Home Page and click on drivers list. Then, click on load drivers.


To Work Orders

You can link Work Orders to printers via a Quality Control Point to print labels for manufactured products.

To do so, you need to create a Quality Control Point from the Quality app. Then, you can select the correct manufacturing operation and the work order operation. In type, choose Print Label and hit save.


Now, each time you reach the quality control point for the chosen product, a Print Label button will appear.


To Reports

You can also link a type of report to a certain printer. In the IoT app, go to the Devices menu and select the printer you want to set up.


Now, go to the Printer Reports tab.


Hit edit and then, click on Add a line. In the window that shows up, check all the types of reports that should be linked to this printer. Click on select and save.


Now, each time you click on Print in the control panel, instead of downloading a PDF, it will send it to the selected printer and automatically print it.