Simply Beautiful Emails

Drag-and-Drop Design

Create detailed emails using Odoo's extensive library of drag-and-drop building blocks, packed with a variety of options designed to enhance the engagement of all messages.

Professional-Grade Themes

Kickstart your email journey by choosing one of Odoo's stunning pre-made email theme templates, and proceed to customize it however you'd like to fit any unique business need.

Preview Text

Add a brief, catchy preview sentence to be displayed next to the subject of your email, helping your message stand out in any inbox, leading to increased open rates and enhanced engagement.

Personalize Templates

Save any email creation as a template to use at any time in the future with a single click.

Action Buttons

Easily add any kind of call-to-action button in the body of an email to boost audience click-through rates and valuable conversions.

Configure Email Aliases

Quickly consolidate all email engagement with custom 'Send From' and 'Reply To' email addresses.

Schedule Mailings

Seamlessly schedule all mailings with just a few clicks, helping you save time and adequately prepare every detail of a workflow well in advance.

Masterful Campaign Management

Total Target Audience Control

Detailed recipient filter functionality allows users to take full advantage of your management platform, and use its integrated data, to fine-tune their target audience in countless creative ways. Create mailings for leads, event or eLearning course attendees, subscribers, and so much more. Save any marketing filter used for audience segmentation to quickly reuse them in the future.

Import/Export Contacts

Easily transition to Odoo by quickly importing contact email addresses into a mailing list with a simple copy-paste command. Or, import more detailed contact information using Odoo's convenient import template. You can also export contacts in bulk with just a few clicks.

A/B Test

Test out various versions of a single mailing by sending them to a configurable percentage of recipients to gauge which email is going to be the most successful.

Custom Mailing Lists

Organize your entire database of subscribers by assigning them to one (or several) custom mailing lists.

Spam Control

Let recipients opt-in/opt-out of mailing lists, and give them complete control to blacklist themselves from future emails during the unsubscribing process.

Track Opportunities and Convert Leads

Quickly track opportunities generated from email campaigns, and convert them into leads, with the fully-integrated Odoo CRM application.

Multi-Channel Campaigns

Send Emails, SMS, Social Posts, and/or Push Notifications as part of one campaign with Odoo's award-winning app integration.

Dependable Deliveries

Fully Responsive

Messages are always optimized for any screen size: desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile.

Custom Mail Server

Odoo provides the option to select a dedicated outgoing mail server to manage all mass mailings.

Undelivered Emails

Constantly stay up-to-date with the status of sent messages by tracking the last 24-hours of emails, and get notified when (and why) undelivered messages failed.

In-Depth Insights

Archive Campaigns

Never lose track of a single email by stockpiling them in the reliable Odoo database to access them at any point in the future.

Sledovač odkazů

Odoo automatically tracks all URLs used in any email message, and compiles all their related data on an organized Link Tracker dashboard.


Always access real-time statistics on email performance, number of leads, orders created, revenue generated, delivery rates, open rates, click rates, bounce rates, and so much more.

Measure Revenue

Analyze opportunities and check in on the conversion rate, expected revenue, and generated revenue for each campaign, with the fully-integrated Odoo CRM application. Utilize the wide array of filter options for more in-depth statistics.

Insert Analytics in Spreadsheets

Conveniently insert any detailed reporting analysis into custom spreadsheets to create a consolidated collection of useful data.