Streamline, Simplify, Scale: ARO's Recipe for Growth with Odoo

Company Name: ARO - staendiges Konsortium

Location: Bolzano, Italy

Industry: Construction, Facility Management

Company Size: <50

Odoo Users: <30

Apps: Employees, Subscriptions, Timesheets, Purchase, Inventory, Project, Accounting, Website, Sales, Invoicing, Discuss, CRM, Contacts, Calendar

Hosting type: On Premise 

Based in South Tyrol, Italy, ARO - staendiges Konsortium connects local crafts businesses into a professional network, helping them with maintenance and facility management tasks. It offers companies a single point of contact who organizes, manages, and monitors everything instead of dealing with different small commissions and high bureaucratic effort.

The challenge of using disparate solutions

Prior to adopting Odoo, ARO encountered many inefficiencies in their day-to-day operations due to the many disparate tools and systems they used, including Excel spreadsheets, Trello, OneDrive, and Outlook. 

This fragmented approach led to high error rates due to manual entry and the absence of a comprehensive overview of their business operations. The company also struggled with mobile accessibility, hindering its ability to work efficiently on-site or during client visits. Additionally, managing supplier evaluations and documents was a cumbersome process, further exacerbating their operational challenges.

The company was ready for its next chapter and started looking for software that could truly enhance its overall efficiency. After carefully evaluating several solutions, Odoo emerged as the clear choice due to its flexibility, scalability, and comprehensive suite of applications.

The start of a new era

Collaborating with partner Openforce, ARO fully digitized and revamped its processes, integrating Odoo's CRM, Sales, Purchase, Finance, and Project management modules. 

The implementation process went swiftly thanks to the expert guidance of Openforce, the involvement of employees from the start, Odoo’s intuitive user interface, and the ability to adapt to any company’s specific business needs.

Odoo brought a complete set of improvements to ARO, including:

  • Enhanced control and increase in contribution margin: ARO gained complete control over all processes and figures, achieving streamlined operations and enhanced productivity. Additionally, the clear overview ensures a more precise input for decision-making, boosting financial performance and operational efficiency over time.

  • Improved coordination: Cross-team communication was also improved, thanks to Odoo’s chatter feature and mobile-friendly interface, addressing ARO's previous challenge with on-the-go data access and management, empowering staff to work efficiently from anywhere.

  • Streamlined Purchase Order Process: By centralizing all essential data in Odoo - such as contracts and delivery addresses - ARO streamlined the creation of purchase orders, reducing the time spent on this task by an estimated 80%.

Ready to Equip Your Business for Success?

"The most significant change that Odoo has brought to our business operations and culture is the sense of calm that has permeated our daily work life. This tranquility is a direct result of the precise definition of all processes and their structured execution through Odoo. With just a click, every employee is up to date on all necessary information, ensuring seamless operations even in the absence of key personnel due to illness, absence, or staff turnover." - ARO - staendiges Konsortium

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