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At Rightechs Solutions, our passionate experts create innovative solutions and customize the perfect Odoo implementation for your business.

Rightechs's team has the experience to serve many industries

  • Real Estate
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Trading & Retail
  • Services

We measure our success by your success and your satisfaction

  • 95% Client satisfaction rate.
  • >90% of our Projects Go live within 70%  of the planned time for the project.
  • 100% Client retention in 2021 & 2022, and overall, 98%

 Rightechs is ready to deliver awesomeness to your business today,







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Al Awael Olive Products
We are an Egyptian company that specializes in Olives. We also grow all the olives that we sell to insure the highest quality for our customers. We already export to more than 10 countries. Below are the different olives that we export along with the different sizes of packing that we can provide

We currently export to: France – Italy – German – Brazil – USA – Bulgaria - Greece – Spain-Mexico- Peru.
We plant the best types of olives to achieve quality specifications , each shipment undergo the agriculture guarantee analysis to be sure that it meets the international specifications .
We got: ISO 22000 – OHSAS 1800 – Global C.A.P.
AlRiyad Misr

تعد شركة الرياض مصر للتطوير العقاري احدى الشركات الرائدة فى مجال التطوير العقاري فى مدينة الشروق والقاهرة الجديده.

تتبنى الرياض مصر فكراً استراتيجياً خلاقاً ورؤى مستقبلية تهدف إلى ترسيخ فلسفة تطويرية عقارية متجددة، بأسلوب احترافي غير مسبوق..

تفخر الرياض مصر بتقديمها تلك المنظومة المتكاملة في عالم العمران المستقبلي، من خلال ابتكار تصميمات جديدة تنسجم وخصوصية المجتمع المصري، وتجعل عملائها في المقدمة، فضلاً عن استجابتها لرغبات وتطلعات الشرائح المختلفة من عملائها.
نجحت شركتنا الرياض مصر للتطوير العقاري في تقديم فكر احترافي ورؤيا ثاقبة للمعطيات الآنية والمستقبلية للسوق العقارية التي تنشط فيها
Channel Locations Developments
Channel locations developments "The Saudi-Egyptian Investment" is located in Egypt to invest with a wide scope with an exorbitant budgets and experiences that exceeds the 67 years in the Middle East in all the business sectors, and with their 20 years of experience in the Real Estate Market In the Middle East Too, Now for the first time happening in Egypt an outstanding Saudi - Egyptian Collaboration in The Egyptian Real Estate Market.
Chemtech International
Chemtech International is an Egyptian shareholding company acting as an agent and distributor for several international manufacturers of industrial chemicals & its related Equipment.

Our activities are backed up by more than 24 years of experience in :
· Business Development
· Marketing & Sales
· Technical Support
· Logistics Services
· Local Distribution
· Warehousing
DIGITEX Egypt Company

Profiting from its great location in the province of Zhejiang, east China, DIGITEX succeeded since the year 2000 to make a name related to innovative and trendsetting printing solutions. With customers from all continents and with a variety of products and production methods, DIGITEX does not only convince with the product and its quality but also with the service through the whole process.

With a factory capacity of 130 million meters per year, controlled by foreign and local skilled staff, our factory is equipped with printing & dyeing facilities such as:
- Semi-Digital Printing: 4,000,000 m/month
- Ink-Jet Printing: 1,200,000 m/month
- Rotary Screen Printing: 400,000 m/month
- Dyeing: 6.000,000 m/month
Datco Egypt
DATCO is an Egyptian, Engineering Company, founded in 1994. Being an agent and authorized distributor for worldwide market leading brand names allows DATCO to serve most of the industrial sector such as steel, cement, and paper industries; alongside the automotive sector. DATCO's team works firmly to guarantee an exceptional service to its customers throughout two administrative offices, and four outlets.

We are the trusted agent and distributer for market leader brands. We deliver quality products with competitive edge to our dedicated industrial and automotive customers, who seek assets optimization.

Our mission is reducing production cost and improving customer revenues.

Our partners:

SKF – Shell – ABB – Schneider Electric – Continental – Gates – Rulmeca – Rexnord – Flexco



Delta Chemicals
“Delta Agro is specialist in producing specialty fertilizers for fertigation and foliar nutrition. Thereby, it guarantees continual quality improvement and innovative solutions. Furthermore, it assures its technical services and gives a promising growing partnership for Human being prosperity.“
Dubai Phone
Dubai Phone one of the leading mobile shop representations in the region. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, Dubai phone has foreseen over 10 stores , acting as an mobile companies reseller . We are working to achieve six goals : Experience, Workshops, Training, Service, Loyalty, and Convenience. It is a new concept that recognizes the importance of convenience to its customers and as such, placing it in higher regard. Dubai Phone stores are strategically located to bring your digital needs closer to you; a hub that places all your favorite products under the same roof. The products categories it is bringing to the market comprise of handsets, audio, laptops, wearables, gaming consoles and accessories. Dubai Phone is not only a one shop stop, it encompasses convenience in all aspects of its business whether it is in its product offerings or in its service delivery, you’ll be able to get everything you need and receive your online delivery within a few days .

Egyptian Resorts Company
Egyptian Resorts Company S.A.E. (ERC), founded in 1995, is Egypt’s leading master developer of international-standard mega communities on a fully-integrated management basis. The company is incorporated in Egypt and headquartered in Cairo.

Egyptian Resorts Company (ERC) acquires broad-acre land holdings in prime locations and develops a comprehensive master plan in partnership with the world’s leading architectural and urban planning firms. Heavy investment in state-of-the art infrastructure attracts the interest of leading sub-developers in land plots pre-designated for specific purposes — residential communities, hotels and entertainment venues, office parks, schools and hospitals.

ERC’s flagship development project is presently “Sahl Hasheesh”, a fully-integrated resort community almost two-thirds the size of Manhattan located on Egypt’s pristine Red Sea coast.

Egyptian Resorts Company has only one subsidiary called Sahl Hasheesh Company “SHC” (69.4% owned by ERC) , which is a developer of mixed-use areas currently operating exclusively within Sahl Hasheesh. SHC strategy is to ensure recurring revenues by having monopoly over all commercial and retail areas within ERC’s mega resorts, secure prime locations.
El Attal Holding
Since 1948, we built on the solid ground of Egypt's Market expanding infrastructure of our portfolio showcasing a substantial amount of projects from new construction, renovation and restoration of buildings, residential, industrial, and commercial. And, now we are consolidating this extensive experience to develop a oneof a kind and unique real estate signatures moving in 2019.
Website: www.elattal.com
Electric and future home
Electric & Future Home Is One Of The Big Nationwide Retailer Of Household Appliances.
GNetworx is the first provider for Next generation on demand I.T Technical support through: - IT O
Gravity Smart Systems, Mohamed
Gravity Smart Systems is a market-leading innovator of light current systems and contracting provider for all businesses in various industries. We provide the designing, efficiency and performance your business desires. We are uniquely positioned to innovate new ways in which light current systems will serve as a platform for emerging technologies and capabilities. Gravity Smart Systems direction begins with the use of the most innovative technologies that provide high-efficiency performance for numerous applications. Using the most trending and reliable platform technologies and with the support of our great electrical engineers; Gravity Smart Systems has spent over 5 years developing an array of use of new technologies which have established far higher performance standards within a variety of industries
I Plus
iPlus is a Premiere Innovative Communications & Information Technology Solutions Provider. They offer a complete set of Technology & Mobility solutions and are a reseller of a good variety of Technology & Smart Device brands to Business & Edutainment. iPlus is a Limited Liability Company that offers a complete set of Technology & Mobility solutions and a reseller of a good variety of Technology & Smart Devises brands to Business & Edutainment.
Established 2013 in Egypt with global scope to cover the Middle East and Africa area, delivering over 150 trainings to 30 entities in over 9 countries.
Our aspiration is to empower the ICT knowledge in Egypt and the MEA through accredited global courses, standards, and conferences.

Being the service provider for global organizations and authorized service provider for BICSI & EPI enabled us to:
* Deliver the highest professional training programs and credentials by global certified trainers.
* Events management for network building, latest technologies, and education awareness.
* Improving individuals’, companies’ quality and performance.
Inter Car Touristic
Avis and Budget Car Rental and its subsidiaries operate one of the world's best-known car rental brands with approximately 5,500 locations in more than 165 countries. Avis has a long history of innovation in the car rental industry and is one of the world's top brands for customer loyalty. Avis is owned by Avis Budget Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: CAR), which operates and licenses the brand throughout the world.

Kairo for creativity
Kairo is an award-winning, data driven, creative marketing and communications agency. The agency is built to challenge certainties and work with brands to grow their businesses in a supersonic changing world. Equipped with state of the art tools, we turn data into insights that inform strategy, while leveraging creativity to translate strategy into amazing experiences that are both meaningful to the customers across their journey, and deliver business results to the client.
Kenda by NADIM
Kenda- NADIM's latest concept! Bringing you customizable interiors and a unique selection of artwork and accessories to delight your home! Showroom Locations: Concord Plaza, Arkan Plaza, Dandy Mall, & North Coast
Menassat is an innovative concept of real estate development, aimed at transforming the face of integrated living in Egypt while enriching every aspect of its community’s life. By combining the well-rounded expertise of eight individual companies into one pioneering investment hub, we open your eyes on leading knowledge, thanks to an unrivaled track-record of successes, backed-up by iconic projects, guaranteeing to set your future investment foot on a solid ground. Menassat’s competitive edge lies in a 360 outlook on life, blending contracting, real estate investment and marketing, in addition to premium finishing and interior design, ensuring to deliver the highest standards of international quality, on time, at a competitive price while catering to all your needs, under one comprehensive roof, hassle-free.
Mobile Trust
شركة مصرية لاستيراد وتوزيع اكسسوارت الموبايل
Nile Industries for Engineering
Nile industries is a heavy equipment manufacturing company, they exist in the market since 2001 through projects with Hyundai Construction Company (four seasons hotel, MIMAR group (Dreamland), and the Arab Organization for Industrialization (AOI);

Nile industries found that the maintenance of the iron is a significant burden in water treatment plants and desalination plants, sewage treatment and factories special chemical plants, paper treatment, and cardboard and dyeing.....etc., because the iron does not bear the chemicals, dyes, fumes and it damages continuously, always needs maintenance, paint, its heavyweight and easy recycling (Seductive to steal ), which constitutes a physical burden on the project, and also the injury risk.
Novochem S.A.E. is one of the most fast-growing Egyptian incorporations in the field of manufacturing and marketing chemical and petrochemical construction materials that used in building and construction industries. Our products are manufactured according to the most recent recognized standards worldwide with consulting of Egyptian and European Expertise.
Perfecto Plast
Perfecto Plast is an Egyptian partnership company, established on 2010, the company current product is Masterbatch with a capacity exceeding 7000 tons/year. Perfecto is also producing PVC soft and rigid with a capacity touching 8000 tons/year.

One of the main sustainable competitive advantage of the company is that the owners (Management) have a diversification as some of them has more than 25 years of experience in the same fields, and others have a doctor of business administration (DBA) degree, which constitutes a high professional mix enabling the company to formulate and execute its strategic plan which leads to satisfying its customers and achieves the company long and short –term objectives.
We recognize that the key to business success is building trust with Syteq software users. Joint dedication with partners from around the world provides the expertise and support for our clients effectively and efficiently.

Integrity is essential to the success of our business, so if we make a promise we will keep it. Through teamwork and partnership we will achieve the greatest success.

Dedicated and passionate team of experts committed to helping your business.
We recognize that the key to business success is building trust with Syteq software users. Joint dedication with partners from around the world provides the expertise and support for our clients effectively and efficiently.

Integrity is essential to the success of our business, so if we make a promise we will keep it. Through teamwork and partnership we will achieve the greatest success.

Dedicated and passionate team of experts committed to helping your business.
Smart Tech For Garage equipment.

Smarttech شركة سمارتك لمعدات خدمة السيارات


متخصصون في تجهيز مراكز الخدمة وورش صيانة السيارات

1- أجهزة تشخيص أعطال السيارات الملاكى والنقل والأتوبيس .

كوريكات رفع السيارات ( 2 عامود – 4 عمود مجهز زوايا / غير مجهز زوايا ) .

3- أجهزة شحن غاز الفريون وضبط التكييف .

4- أجهزة قياس ضبط زوايا العجل .

5- أجهزة فك وتركيب الإطارات للسيارات النقل والملاكى .

6- أجهزة ترصيص الإطارات للسيارات النقل والملاكى .

7- ماكينات خرط الطنابير .

8- نافخ الإطارات بالنيتروجين للسيارات النقل والملاكى .

9- نافخ الإطارات الرقمى للسيارات النقل والملاكى .

10- أجهزة اختبار وتنظيف الرشاشات للمحركات الديزل والبنزين .

11- ماكينات غسيل السيارات ذات الضغط العالى .

12- كبائن أفران الدهانات تبدأ من 7 متر وحتى 21 متر .

13- عدد يدوية مختلفة ودواليب عدد .

14- أجهزة برمجة ونسخ المفاتيح المشفرة .

15- المفاتيح الخام والريموتات .

16- أجهزة تغيير الزيوت

17- خطوط اختبار الفرامل والمساعدين والزوايا

18- أجهزة تحليل عادم السيارات الديزل والبنزين .

19- أجهزة تنظيف الدورات .

20- أجهزة قياس الضغوط ومعدل التدفق .

21- التدريب على أجهزة فحص السيارات والشاحنات .

SBS is an industry leading professional services solutions. Our aim is to deliver 100% quality product and success your business to achieve ultimate goal
Each of our projects starts with the simple question “How will you measure the success of this project?” Success is critical to our team; whether that success comes in the form of happy clients, loyal site users or solid metrics. To help us better understand the challenges of your project we try to establish not only the goals but what are your current returns, challenges and the opportunities for growth. Our approach has yielded many successful products and happy customers over the years.
TAQA swedex international wires & cables
TAQA Swedex International Wires & Cables

أنشأت شركة سويدكس أنترناشيونال للأسلاك والكابلات الكهربائية في عام 2011، يضم إنتاجها جميع أنواع الموصولات النحاسية العارية والمعزولة بخامات البي.في.سي وإنتاج جميع أنواع كابلات الكنترول المرنة.

TRAVIJOY Holidays is one of the few organizations that can offer all over the world a full spectrum of in and outbound for leisure activities, business services and events ,conferences organization with flexible and efficient solutions with high quality.
United import and export com (uie)
UIE specialized cables is a distributor and agent of multinational manufacturers of special and light current cables, conduits and fittings. All our products are designed, manufactured to international standards, tested and certified by prestigious institutions to comply with UL, BS, IEC, NEMA, NEC and other international standards.UIE was founded in 1996 with a dynamic and progressive management team that establishes open, one-on-one relationships with company partners including consultants, customers, distributors, and manufacturers. Our Headquarters, sales office and warehousing are located in Egypt. UIE has a wide range of products to service Industrial, Airports, Power Plants, Hospitals, Infrastructure and different fields of projects.
Xeedia Pharma
Xeedia Pharma is a shareholder Egyptian pharmaceutical company with a mission to provide every Egyptian patient with a cure to their illness or relief to their pain. Xeedia Pharma has taken onto its shoulder the goal of reaching the fine balance between quality and affordability. We, at Xeedia Pharma, strive to apply international quality standards while maintaining local affordable prices
شركة قهوة الهادئ للتجارة
​منصة قهوة الهادى هى منصه واحدة لتوريدات الجملة للمقاهي والمتاجر .نوفر لك كل المحاصيل الي تحتاجها في المتجر او المقهى بأفضل سعر, ونوفر عليك قلق البحث بين   المحامص من خلال منصتنا
مؤسسة اسرار الاحتراف للفعاليات الترفيهية
مؤسسه اسرار الاحتراف للفعاليات الترفيهيه هى مؤسسه انشئت فى المملكه العربيه السعوديه منذ بدايه عام 2022 وهى مختصه فى مجال تأجير الالعاب بمختلف انواعها ( كرنفاليه& اركيد & الواقع الافتراضى )
مكتب خضير وشركاءه
Khodeir & Partners (KP) is a full-service law firm based in Egypt, serving a broad range of local and international clients across different industries, and offering the highest legal quality in corporate, advisory and dispute matters.

We are your strategic partner because we understand your needs; we know the law; we have been through all procedures and intricacies of the legal system; and our network empowers us to get things done in a swift and reliable manner. In brief, we always deliver and win our client’s cause.
نثريات لتقنية المعلومات
شركة نثريات هى شركة سعوديه تمتلك تطبيق رتبلى . وهو منصه تفاعلية احترافية تساعد كافة المستخدمين على تنظيم مناسباتهم فى اسرع وقت بسهولة وبأقل تكلفه من خلال تقديم خيارات متعدده لمزودى خدمات تم اختيارهم بعناية فائقة بما يتناسب مع شروط رتبلى