No programming needed

Create custom applications in minutes rather than weeks, with no development.

Developer Friendly

Unlock the developer mode to get access to technical details.

Screen Designer


Create and customize advanced forms with tabs, buttons, smart buttons, inline discussion widgets, etc.


Create read-only or read-write lists that look like Excel spreadsheets.


Create custom pivot tables; drill down on any dimension and display several measures.

Pivot Table

Use the calendar view to manage documents linked to a schedule.


Use the calendar view to display information per date.


Get beautiful statistics with the graph views: pie charts, line charts, bar charts, etc.


Get beautiful statistics on your custom objects with the graph views: pie charts, line charts, bar charts, etc.

Gantt Charts

Gantt charts are great for planning and scheduling tasks, events, meetings, etc.



Import .CSV or .XLS files to add and update records and create export templates based on your custom models.

Batch actions

Perform batch actions for a selection of records: delete, archive, custom actions, etc.

Menu Editor

Reorganize your application menu with drag & drop, and create new menus in just one click.

Eposta Ağ Geçidi

Get the email gateway directly connected to your app to create records or to discuss by email easily.


Customize your search bar and use advanced features like grouping, filtering and access rights.


Get a web-service API to access all your custom objects easily. No extra code required.

Conditional Properties

Make your fields invisible, required, or read-only under certain conditions.



Use predefined report templates to create your own reports easily.


Reports are automatically printed in the recipient’s language (customer, vendor, etc.)

XML Editor

Use the XML editor for advanced reporting customizations based on HTML.


Execute Python code

Use python code to develop advanced automations.

Create a new record

Automate record creation based on specific events or conditions.

Update the record

Automate updates based on conditional statements. Example: set the priority field to 'Urgent' if no responsible is assigned after 5 days.

Send email

Automate emails based on actions, time or conditional statements to ease the relationship with your customers.

Add followers

Automatically designate followers for records, enhancing collaboration without manual effort.

Create next activity

Generate and schedule the next activity for records in response to specific events or triggers.

Send SMS text message

Trigger the automatic sending of SMS text messages.


Translations Manager

Your application and its user content will automatically run in multiple languages.

Inherit Odoo's features

Benefit from existing Odoo features to easily build advanced applications in minutes.

Access Rights

Create ACLs rules or filters to define access rights for companies.

Icon Designer

Design your own app icon.