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Streamline Technology Ltd

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Streamline Technology Ltd
Souq Aljomaa
Near Seoul Clinic
00218 Tripoli
+218 91 3471996

Streamline Technology Ltd is a newly emerged company with a team of qualified engineers and consultants, looking to provide all variations of IT solutions to customers using state of the art technology, following universal standards in all of its services. Headquartered in Tripoli with presence in Benghazi.

Aiming to transform the IT / Tech in Libya to accommodate for local innovation and contribute to the global technology market.


Kenan Aljamal
Kenan Aljamal
An emerging Cosmetics supply company initially targeting cosmetics wholesale and looking to expand to POS in the future. The company is providing wholesale from multi-vendors to Libyan resellers. With past experience, they are looking forward to becoming a leading company in importing and distributing cosmetics, personal care products, and beauty products all over Libya.