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Brainvire Infotech Inc.
2201 W Royal Lane, Suite 110
Irving, TX 75023
Estados Unidos
+1 (631) 897-7276

Brainvire Infotech Inc.

Brainvire Infotech, Inc., an Odoo Gold Partner, Odoo-16 certified firm, and awarded for Outstanding Customer Satisfaction , has its headquarters in Irving and a presence in New York, South Jordan, Canada, UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, Singapore, Egypt, Japan and India .

Brainvire's certified Odoo consultants possess expertise in the following areas: retail, supply chain, manufacturing, accounting, security, infrastructure, and HIPAA, just to name a few.

In the past two decades (and with 1800+ "Brainers" ), Brainvire has implemented software solutions for leading brands, like Southwest Airlines, Fox Sports, Dr. Reddy, Trophy – Fabcars, Texas Art Supply, MBT Shoes, Krispy Kreme, HVACDirect , TheWeedTube, Brian Gavin Diamonds, and Tentandtable.

Founded in 2000, Brainvire provides solutions across various verticals, such as retail, healthcare, automotive, real estate, furniture, fashion & apparel, education and fintech.

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Our Odoo Services Across Industries

Store Solutions
  • Omnichannel Solutions
  • Marketplace Integration
  • B2B and B2C Implementation
  • Third-Party Integration

  • Multi-Store Architecture
  • Loyalty Management
  • Hardware Integration
  • Offline Capabilities
  • Collaborative Platform
  • POS

  • Job Order Management
  • CAD File Integration
  • Wrestlingweight management
  • sub-contracting
  • Production Planning Management
Real estate
  • Rapaport Integration
  • Sales Review Order
  • Catalog Management
  • Vendor Portal Management

  • Year Make Model Management
  • Vendor Feed Synchronization
  • Drop Ship and Cross Docking
  • Support Ticket / Warranty Management

  • Tenant-Owner Rental Agreement
  • Batch Payments
  • Post Dated Check Management
  • Electronic Fund Transfer
  • Auto Bank Reconciliation

  • Subscription Management
  • VOIP Integration
  • Authorize.NET Integration
  • webcam integration
  • EDI Integration
  • hippa

  • Course Management
  • Student-Teacher-Parents Portal
  • Learning Management Solutions
  • Online Examination Solutions
  • Third-Party Logistic System
  • 3D Warehouse Layout
  • Automated Storage and Retrieval System
  • Picking and Packing App
  • ABC and XYZ Analysis Matrix

Awards & Accreditations

Our Awards & Accreditations


Here's What Some Of Our Customers Have To Say About Us:


Brainvire x Odoo, The Food Bank Singapore Ltd.

Joe Raymond, Digital Development Manager, Rev-A-Shelf

Wayne Carlyle, Owner, Nascom Inc.​

Bruno Binet, Founder & Managing Director, Astaara Technology

Kevin Clor, CIO, TentandTable

Andy Ginjupalli, Managing Partner, Bay Alarm Medical

Mohammed ALTharwa, Managing Director, GAFCO
Anand Choudha, Founder, AmiViz

Cassie Tallon, Marketing Administrator, Partnerships for Dentists

Kevin Clor, CIO, TentandTable

Retail & eCommerce made simple with Odoo

Our Trending Customer Stories:


ABO Holdings, Inc.
Their blood plasma warehouse stores medical-grade donated human blood, and they help produce treatments for patients. Our Odoo ERP development team integrated their primary system with all other modules, in order to provide seamless healthcare services. They can now obtain an accurate understanding of donors and their behaviors, all while following local standards.
From high-quality, affordably-priced wheels and tires to essential services,
Avatco Inc. provides the greatest online shopping experience and is a top source of these
products and services. In addition, we have provided an omnichannel automobile experience by
integrating Magento eCommerce for order processing, Odoo for backend operations, and a
custom built solution for managing invoicing and POS transactions.
Achkay Group, Achkay Group Limited
Victoria Courts, an Eastern African private group with investments in retail, interior design,
furniture, and finance, faced operational challenges with multiple software and Excel sheets.
Brainvire integrated Odoo ERP, providing real-time information for decision-making, operative
reports, and seamless integration with CRM, Sales, POS, manufacturing, projects, logistics,
fleet, and rentals. Odoo ERP improved efficiency and productivity for Victoria Courts with a
centralized back-end operations platform.
Alumni / HOSC, Gene Han
Hatchet Supply, a cutting-edge online store focused on sustainability, ethical production,
superior performance, and timeless design, faced operational inefficiencies due to bugs and
slow performance. Brainvire resolved these issues, including delays in processing returns,
through real-time updates and system enhancements. With this solution, the company
streamlined operations, improved efficiency, and successfully resolved challenges.
Bay Alarm Medical
Bay Alarm Medical is a healthcare institution that provides high-quality medical alert services and products. They were in search of a uniform solution for their scattered system, so Brainvire implemented the Odoo ERP system to improve subscription management, invoicing processes, and general internal management efficiency.
Brian Gavin Diamonds
This diamond company is a well-known designer (and cutter) of diamonds. Over the years, they have experienced unprecedented growth in service offerings to their customers, as well as customer satisfaction levels, mainly because of Odoo's ERP services, which streamlined operations related to reports, accounts, bills, and payments. This has been fruitful on every level possible!
Since 2003, CGETC has built a wealth of knowledge and experience keeping with the times and successfully marketing best selling items across Amazon, Walmart, eBay and other online sales channels. CGETC, based in the United States, operates a fully staffed office and warehouse facility. The organization has mastered various online sales methods and continues to sell in 26 countries worldwide.
CURE International
Cure International, a 501c(3) organization with children’s hospitals in Asia and Africa, struggled
with inventory and procurement management. Brainvire implemented an Odoo-based HMS with
HRMS, multi-currency transactions, bank integration, and streamlined inventory management.
Brainvire addressed these challenges by implementing a custom system that optimized internal
requisitions and purchase agreements. The solution significantly improved patient management,
medical records, appointments, and billing, surpassing expectations and enhancing overall
efficiency in medical services.
Carbide Tooling
Carbide Tooling is a distributor of excellent industrial tooling for the woodworking and composite industry. Brainvire, a global consulting enterprise (and Odoo development experts), has helped the company achieve digital transformation with Odoo Automation. This automation provides a slicker process flow and eliminates manual errors.
Colosseum Athletics
Colosseum has an extensive selection of college wear for men, women, boys, and girls, as well as newborns as young as six months. They contacted Brainvire to implement an Odoo ERP system because of a rise in demand for flawless operations. With our aid, they could manage inventory control and accounting effortlessly.
Community Outreach Center
CocOnline, a non-profit organization, struggled with a user-friendly appointment booking
system. Brainvire resolved this by offering an appointment booking solution that included a
calendar view, traceability reports, and automation for appointment reminders. The solution also
provided comprehensive reports on services, clients, appointments, and caseworkers. The
solution improved operational efficiency and streamlined business processes.
David Forrest
Oregon based IT Consulting firm.
Fresh Pool Supply
Fresh Pool Supply provides swimming pool products and services and plans to install two POS
systems in Henderson, NV. However, their previous system could not meet their growing
business requirements. Brainvire addressed the issue by implementing Odoo, integrating the
vendor/supplier portal, fetching product catalogs, and synchronizing data. Brainvire’s solution
helped them to streamline processes, centralize data, and improve financial management,
benefiting Fresh Pool Supply with eCommerce integration.
ITL Solutions
ITL health is a multi-award-winning supplement manufacturer. We carefully analyzed their business to pinpoint areas of improvement and provide tailored solutions. We provided a hosting solution through Odoo’s cloud. We performed data migration into Odoo from previous software and assisted with managing operations for multiple companies. Additionally, we implemented custom modules and provided technical training and ongoing support.
Ian Parker
Healixa is a technology company focusing on building and acquiring innovative and disruptive technologies in the clean water generation, health-tech, and green-tech industries. Healixa embraces innovation by combining its intellectual properties, patents, strategic collaborations, and partnerships to create a "LaunchPad" of disruptive sustainable products.
Laboratory Design and Supply
LabDS sought a CRM solution from Brainvire to streamline their sales and inventory
management, migrate data, provide customized dashboards, and automate accounting
reconciliation. With Brainvire's Odoo ERP services, LabDS optimized workflow, improved

efficiency, and reduced manual processes, recognizing the benefits of increased capabilities,
time savings, and cost reduction.
Larson Jewelers
Larson Jewelers is a one-stop shop for all of your jewelry needs. Brainvire's Odoo ERP services now provide a seamless and easy transition for all of the company's business operations. Odoo helps them maintain payroll, customizations, and billing, as well as payments. Brainvire and Odoo played a major role in Larson Jewelers' success during the transformation process.
Linkyo is the quickest and easiest solution when it comes to replacing old, outdated, unusable printer toners. Brainvire enabled a seamless connection between Odoo ERP solutions and Magento to synchronize products, so customers can find what they're looking for quickly. We also created an Inventory Movement Summary report feature to highlight how well they are managing stock!
Lockdowel is a manufacturer of metal and plastic fasteners meant to facilitate product installations. Brainvire, an Odoo development business, has incorporated Odoo automation for the client to manage their warehouses and automate order delivery depending on customer
proximity to the warehouse.
Motis Fire Rescue
We love building things, and we love sharing that passion!
Mr. Mulch Landscape Supply
Mr. Mulch Landscape is the premier construction material distributor in Ohio. To enhance their efficiency level, they continuously strive to improve their services and online presence. Brainvire, an Odoo development company, integrated the Odoo ERP system with Magento to enable them to synchronize customer data for placing orders, delivering, and taking care of payment.
Nacom Inc
Nascom Inc, a magnetic security switch technology leader, lacked an ERP system for daily
operations. Brainvire implemented the Odoo v16 enterprise version, streamlining product
management, inventory, accounting, and eCommerce integration. The ERP system enhanced
efficiency, collaboration, customer service, and decision-making. As a result, Nascom improved
daily operations and overall performance.
North Farm Enterprises
As a one-on-one tutoring service, North Farm enterprise is dedicated to helping children succeed academically. Brainvire was able to provide comprehensive Odoo solutions that have helped the enterprise improve its tutoring services. With Odoo ERP services, the enterprise helps shape careers, by focusing on those who need additional guidance from faculty members in order to succeed.
North Farm Enterprises, Alison D Bond
North Farm enterprise helps students shape their career directions with individual tutoring
services. Their objective was to amass real-time updates and track students' academic growth
to improve their tutoring further. With Odoo ERP, Brainvire provided comprehensive solutions to
help North Farm garner valuable insights, track current statuses, and predict future success
Orthodent Laboratory
Orthodent Laboratory, Inc., a manufacturer of high-precision dental products, struggled with
manufacturing inefficiencies. Brainvire used Odoo to streamline their processes, creating
custom products, activating relevant bill of material (BOM) structures, and establishing an
assembly line. This improved process efficiency, cost management, and employee performance
tracking. Odoo also facilitated invoice generation without third-party involvement, ensuring
secure data management for invoices and online payment tracking with banks and clients.
Perfect Fit Brand
The Perfect Fit brand is a company that creates sexual health aids and adult sex toys that are high-quality, unique, and simple to use for people who fall anywhere on the spectrum of gender and sexuality. To provide seamless services, the team responsible for creating our Odoo ERP integrated the system with its other modules.
Rag United Works Limited
Rag United Works Ltd. is a rapidly growing fast fashion brand that has been delivering products to the US, Europe, and Asia. Brainvire’s Odoo ERP services came up with the solution of integrating a strong backend ERP. Our experts developed convenient methods for the sales team to manage things seamlessly.
Room Service 360
Room Service 360 provides interior solutions that are timeless and enticing, with unique aesthetics that parallel individual requirements, expectations, and lifestyles. Brainvire’s Odoo ERP development services enhanced the internal workflow, along with the external communication, for the brand. With Odoo ERP solutions, Room Service 360 managed to boost their business, even during the pandemic.
Scoreboard Sports
This popular sports store is a premier soccer specialty retailer, with the largest selection of shoes, equipment, and accessories. They provide an eCommerce platform for this niche industry, in order to reach customers nationwide, as well as internationally. In the effort to help our client succeed, we have implemented Odoo solutions with both Magento and ERP integration for seamless operations.
Senasys develops and distributes thermostat switches that include the bimetal snap action and fluid-filled capillary types. With Brainvire, an Odoo development company, they updated their Purchase and Manufacturing reports and a few particular procedures. Also, our Odoo professionals were involved in migrating to
Shurhold Industries
This leading American company deals with garage supplies and cleaning products to keep cars in good shape. The client wanted to streamline their business operations onto one platform. Brainvire implemented Odoo ERP solutions, which allowed them to manage all of the backend processes (including sales, purchase, inventory management, and accounting) in a single, easy-to-use system.
To streamline its backend processes and manage its North American coverage area spanning
over 18,000 rate centers, Skyetel required a centralized hub. As a result, Brainvire implemented
the Odoo ERP system, enhancing the client's lead-generating management and resolving
accounting-based issues. In addition, the Odoo accounting module seamlessly handled
monetary transactions, creating an efficient networking platform that increased lead generation
and enhanced the brand's effectiveness.
TBOF Foods Pvt Ltd.
Two Brothers Organic Farm offers their goods through an eCommerce website, as well as franchised locations. They also deliver products to more than 40 nations. Such a scalable business requires a centralized platform to streamline its operations, and that’s when our experts came into play! As experts, we provided Odoo ERP development solutions that help them expand their reach with ease.
TDot Performance
This client is the only certified retailer of OEM and aftermarket auto parts in their country. They aim to offer quality performance parts at a fair price, without having to worry about brokerage fees or customs duties. With our Odoo ERP development, Brainvire has improved their efficiency in managing orders.
Tap Electronics
Tap Electronics is a well-known name in the USA for its electronic services, including car stereo, surveillance equipment, computer, and appliance services. They approached Brainvire to enhance their centralized ERP (Odoo) to the latest version. With this Odoo migration, our certified Odoo experts enhanced Field Services, like Sales and Helpdesk, improving their connection with their customers.
Tent and Table
Tent and Table is an eCommerce hub that provides party equipment, party tents, tables, chairs, and other utilities for rent or for purchase. Brainvire refurbished their unresponsive website into a simple, user-friendly website, with much-needed Odoo solutions. Brainvire’s Odoo ERP development services transformed the internal workflow (and external communication) for the brand.
Transponder Island
Transponder Island, an automotive locksmithing equipment supplier in Cleveland, Ohio,
partnered with Brainvire to smoothly migrate from Odoo version 13 to Odoo version 16.
Brainvire helped the company through the entire migration process, ensuring minimal disruption
to business operations. In addition, the solution improved performance, user experience,
functionality, security, and stability with Odoo 16, including faster load times, enhanced system
performance, intuitive UI, access to new features, data, and system security, and ongoing
UPD Urns
In Manassas and Dallas, United Priority Distributors LLC is a family-owned cremation urn firm. As part of their back-end operations, the customer is looking to build an Odoo ERP system that handles everything from order processing to purchasing to invoicing and accounting.
West Coast Fine Foodstuff LLP
West Coast Fine Foodstuff - Cambay Tiger - is one of India’s best seafood companies, and the first to organize the country’s diverse seafood market. The client needed to streamline their business processes into one platform. Brainvire implemented Odoo ERP solutions, letting them handle all backend processes, such as sales, purchases, inventory management, and accounting, all in one system.
Who Has It Inc.
WHO HAS IT INC. faced challenges with marketing, B2C platform integration, product
configuration, and influencer functionality. Brainvire's solution included a marketing module, all-
in-one ERP, Odoo-Magento integration, sales, inventory, and order management. The
marketing module improved efforts, driving customer engagement and resulting in accelerated
user reach, streamlined processes, and operational excellence.
Zack Electronics
Zack Electronics is one of the pioneers of eCommerce. They wanted to upgrade their legacy
system to achieve a more intelligent, automated, user-friendly, and in-sync with the current
technology platform to integrate multiple operations. With an Odoo ERP backend, Brainvire
automated and synchronized the processes, minimizing manual resources and paving the way
for the future for them.
The brand is among the foremost American manufacturers of luxurious bespoke rugs and
carpets. However, the brand needed help creating a digital presence. Their backend system
struggled with various issues, such as data transcription, accounting, invoicing, valuations, and

email distribution, posing a threat to their reputation. Brainvire's Odoo ERP system effectively
streamlined its operations, optimizing sales, inventory, purchase, finance, data transformation,
email forwarding, and CRM. This resulted in a thriving omnipresence and a reinforced brand,
setting the brand apart in the competitive market.