Arabian Steel Industries

Arabian Steel Industries

The Arabian Steel Company is a wholesale manufacturing company located in the Ain Sokhna region. It specializes in producing

and supplying high-quality steel and metal materials to customers worldwide.

With state-of-the-art facilities and advanced technologies, the Arab Steel Company manufactures a wide range of metal

products, including bars, plates, pipes, and other metal fittings.

The company places great emphasis on innovation and continuous development of its materials and processes to meet the

needs and requirements of its customers. It ensures the production of top-notch products that adhere to global industry


The Arabian Steel Company boasts a qualified and dedicated workforce that works diligently and efficiently to execute

production operations with high precision. Quality control and thorough inspection of products before delivery are of utmost

importance to the company.

In summary, the Arabian Steel Company is a leading player in wholesale manufacturing, equipped with modern technologies

and a specialized team that strives to deliver high-quality products to customers worldwide.