Armor Concepts & Brainvire Open All Doors with Odoo

Company Name: Armor Concepts 
Location: United States
Industry: Security System Supplier
Odoo Users: 15
Company Size: 50+
Apps: Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Subscription, Amazon Connection, Affiliate Management, Klaviyo Odoo Integration, PayPal, Stripe, RingCentral Integration, Google Merchant Centre Integration
Implementation Partner: Brainvire Infotech, Inc.
Implementation Timeline: 4 Months

About Armor Concepts

Armor Concepts is a North American-based company, known for providing the best door security services in the world. Their most successful services include: door maintenance, security, and personal security measures. Not only that, but their door security items have been tested multiple times to ensure they’re of the highest quality.

Armor has secured more than 400,000 doors across the United States in the last 15+ years.

Challenges of Outdated Technology

In the beginning, Armor Concepts realized it was hard for them to accurately keep track of sales, payments, and modification needs because all their products are uniquely tailored. Also, their management system at the time was disjointed and chaotic.

Armor Concepts needed a secure, reliable system for both B2B and B2C clients, if they stood any chance at success.

They had several problems with their previous systems (i.e. bugs, glitches, and other customer engagement concerns). As a result, they approached Brainvire to help them build an eCommerce platform with an Odoo backend. During this endeavor, Brainvire cleverly created an Odoo eCommerce enterprise solution with an Odoo backend that instantly took Armor Concepts to the next level!

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Odoo Implementation

Because of the speed, Brainvire upgraded Armor Concepts from Odoo 12 to Odoo 14. Switching to higher versions was entirely Armor's decision, mainly because they wanted a higher quality system with even more features, options, and enhancements.

Odoo eCommerce Implementation

Armor Concepts combined Odoo apps with their Odoo eCommerce system, which simplified and improved data storage. This Odoo eCommerce integration helps Armor Concepts synchronize buyers, inventory levels, stock catalogs, billings, and other vital information.

  • eCommerce with Multiple Locations
    Created a multi-store eCommerce feature that allows the client to establish (and manage) numerous eCommerce businesses, each with its own theme, languages, currencies, and pricelists.
  • Themes
    Updated themes with just a few clicks, and examined Odoo's collection of ready-to-use themes (accessible in the Odoo app store).
  • Pricing, Products, and Retail Stores
    Created adjustable pricing lists, additional variations to product possibilities, and numerous storefronts in one set to represent product availability.
  • Web Form
    Created visually appealing bespoke web forms (and snippets) to collect user information quickly.

Integrated App

  • Integration of Odoo-RingCentral
    Brainvire completed the Odoo RingCentral integration, enabling Armor to make (and receive) phone calls, send messages, and manage phone call records.

Customer Journey

  • Simplified Search Process
    Built a search mechanism to make it easier for clients to find items by assigning products.
  • Onboarding of New Customers
    Created process guidelines to assist customers in completing the checkout process without any issues whatsoever.
  • Registered & Non-Registered Users
    Customers have the option to create a user profile, or browse as a “guest.” Upon checkout, registered users may retrieve their contact information, or access a gateway, which includes relevant messages, purchases, bills, registered disputes, and so on.
  • Simplified Checkout Process
    To prevent losing clients, Brainvire built a straightforward checkout flow using Odoo.
  • Analyze The Order
    At the end of the procedure, Armor Concepts may view the order.
  • Wishlist
    Shoppers may add items to a wishlist by using the ‘Wishlist’ feature. Repeat customers can then use it to buy their favorite goods quicker than ever before.

Payment & Shipping Methods

  • Calculate & Bill Shipping Costs
    Brainvire included the Shipping Method Configuration tool, which allows the team at Armor to have Delivery Charges Reports automatically calculated.
  • Chart of Accounts
    Created their chart of accounts using the customized bundle.
  • Integrated Accounting Package
    Brainvire used Odoo's chart of accounts, which included federal taxes, fiscal statuses, and reports.


  • Analyzing Sales Data
    Developed a sales report feature that identifies the right product in quantity sold, as well as the top customer in sales. It also provides a chart displaying Armor's sales figures (per item) on their Dashboards.
  • New Key Performance Indicators
    Added a new KPI tool to help monitor their eCommerce KPIs, such as: conversion, best sellers, average cart amount, and so on.
  • Dashboard
    Brainvire included dashboard features for activities, such as: reviving shoppers, receiving payments, invoicing orders, and so on.

Amazon-Odoo Integration

Brainvire successfully implemented ‘Amazon Connector’ to help Armor synchronize orders between Amazon and their Odoo ERP. This substantially reduces the time spent on their Checkouts panel, and streamlines their regular schedule.

  • Order Processing & Fulfillment
    Brainvire effortlessly integrated, analyzed, and executed all of their Amazon Orders (FBA) from platforms in Odoo. Armor can now transmit shipment and tracking data from Odoo to Amazon.
  • Manage Catalog
    By syncing their products and variations with Odoo and Amazon, they are able to efficiently manage pricing, pictures, sections, and more. Additionally, Brainvire integrated all of Armor’s Product Listings with Odoo seamlessly.
  • Stock Synchronization
    With Odoo, Armor was able to eliminate their buying and selling problems. Brainvire’s expert Odoo solution assisted them in dynamically synchronizing their inventory levels across Amazon and Odoo, guaranteeing that their online storefronts always display proper (and updated) stock levels.
  • FBA Stock Adjustment
    Brainvire developed an FBA stock management system for Armor Concepts, in which Amazon provides a report for inventory adjustments, while altering the stock levels of their FBA inventory. This feature automatically sends the information to the Odoo backend, and ensures that stock updates are made instantly.

Reconciliation Functionality

API for manual reconciling, of both free and premium invoicing, was also implemented. This capability includes an automatic reconciliation operation, the ability to log new journal products while on-the-go, and the ability to window-shop effectively. Account details are now learned through regular reconciliation from the start, and Odoo quickly pairs over 95% of their payments, with an intelligent app assisting with the remaining 5%.

Customized Dashboards

Brainvire created a dashboard of customizable reports, which they can generate and analyze information for any time frame.

A Quick Recap

Armor Concepts manages a vast inventory of various types of door security products. Customers opt for the service, based on a number of specific requirements at any time. As a result, Armor Concepts must have an effective method of keeping track of all this data.

Brainvire added reports that aid in the analysis of all these unique topics (and so much more). These reports detail their top-selling goods, how much inventory they require, and the potential market for their Door Security. Their sales staff can also sort orders by time, or by recent orders.

Configurations and personalized products are examples of customizations that can create reports.

Brainvire's Implementation for Armor Concepts

Armor Concepts is beyond pleased with Brainvire's strategy (and consultation) on how to increase its performance optimization. Odoo fixed all the bug issues they were experiencing in no time at all.

Brainvire also completed a data migration, successfully moving all the previous year's dataset (along with code migration) to the latest Odoo software. Following the move, Brainvire began working on optimization. And, since several partners worked on that in the past for Armor Concepts, the code was jumbled and did not adhere to the “Odoo Standards.”

Brainvire assisted in optimizing the code, structuring the framework, locating the underlying cause of the problems, and of course, resolving them. Furthermore, they were able to accomplish all of this, while consistently providing a super-efficient system for Armor Concepts to use for all of their daily tasks.

"We upgraded our business processes securely with the help of Brainvire's Odoo expertise, and we intend to maintain a long-term collaboration with them [for Odoo] after witnessing a value-adding Odoo enterprise and backend solution to manage our B2B and B2C customer base," stated Alan Young, CEO of Armor Concepts.

As you can see, Brainvire's Odoo ERP Consulting Services will continue to play an essential part in Armor Concepts' smooth, seamless, successful advancement to Odoo.

About Brainvire Infotech, Inc.

Brainvire Infotech is a prominent Odoo Gold Partner, having executed Odoo implementations in jewelry, manufacturing, retail, transportation, automotive, and real estate.

Thanks to a strong workforce of in-house experts, Brainvire's growth strategy has effectively expedited project deployment for over two decades.

Brainvire provides Odoo implementation services, such as: Complete Migration, Customized Core Odoo Modules, Retail Omnichannel ERP Solutions, Industry-Specific Solutions, GAP Analysis & Consultation, 3rd App Integration, Quality Assurance, Deployment & Rollout, as well as Training.

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