From CAD File to Odoo Sales & Production Order

Our case demo

In our talk we will show one of our ETO solutions developed in Odoo.

Neobis worked together with a partner who can read out step or dxf drawings (Autocad drawings) and give back the required materials, the scrap percentage, and operations for each of these drawings.

The customer can either upload the files to a website or send them by email. These files are then parsed and the required materials and operations are defined. A new final product for each drawing is created in Odoo with its corresponding BOM and routing, and a quotation with calculated sales price is sent to the customer (multiple sales order lines are of course possible).

After validating the quotation (either by the client or the back office), Odoo will then not only create the sales order, but also the manufacturing order (and workorders) with the unique BOM and routing. In this way we have created an engineer to order (ETO) process in Odoo, where unique final products, BOMs and operations are created during the sales process.


Used applications

We make use of the Sales, Inventory and Manufacturing apps (Odoo 11 EE). We use the Connector and Queue Job apps to add the files generated by the third party as attachments to the corresponding products in Odoo.

We implemented our Engineer To Order flow in a custom module.

This module allows the creation of engineer to order manufacturing products, based on data coming from external parties, as it computes the sales price and cost of the final product based on the raw products and routing operations needed.

It also sends emails to customers with the pdf of the quotations or sales orders.

Questions? Then I'd like to hear it!


Joyce Assaad-Veen

Neobis Business Software Solutions

Joyce has a PhD in Mathematics and is one of the lead developers at Neobis. She is not only involved in technical design and code development, but also contributes as a team member during the functional implementation of Odoo projects.
For her, mastering Odoo functionally is necessary to offer the customer the most efficient implementation while using smartly standard Odoo features.

Neobis is an Odoo Gold Partner in the Netherlands with focus on Production, Wholesale, Logistics and Project management

Date & time

04-10-2018 12:30


20 minuten