Suwwa Roastery brews success with Odoo

Company NameSuwwa Roastery 

Country: Saudi Arabia 

Industry: Production & Retail

Partner nameAPT 

Main Apps implemented/used: Inventory, eCommerce, Invoicing, Sales and Website.

Number of Odoo Users: 4

Customer Success Manager: Naji Dumariah

The Star!

Specialized in coffee rostering, they select coffee crops from around the world, design precise roasting methods, and provide their solutions and services for businesses, individuals, and coffee connoisseurs around the Kingdom. 

The Obstacles 

Previously they were suffering from a disconnected, segregated system that had no cohesion in any regard to the workflow. They had been struggling to keep track of all data moving in and out of the company, handle payments with trace and organize their reporting. 

The Solution 

With Odoo they have now automated the flow and were able to keep track of everything between the HR flows that are keeping track of all employee data. It has seamlessly integrated with all the applications and allows them to frictionlessly handle all the payroll activities with a click of a button. 

Eventually, they had issues with the automation due to the different shipping costs and prices based on quantity and location, but Odoo helped them automate the shipping. They are using the pricelists of Odoo integrated special discounts for loyal customers; having said that, Suwaa are utilizing the RPA bot to receive RFQ quotations (validate them) and send invoices to vendors.

Now, having an integrated system, they were able to track where their selling points were at the strongest and weakest with constant live updates on what stock was full and what stock needed replenishment. Automating replenishment rules were set inorder to ensure that all stocks were always available, further aiding the tracking and forecasting abilities. 

NassTel calls in support from Odoo