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Al Jawad Software House
Budget center for Business, Trade Centre 1
0000 Dubai DU
United Arab Emirates
+971 52 165 1936

Al Jawad Software House

Al Jawad has over 14 years of experience of delivering effective business management solutions to a broad spectrum of organisations ranging from large companies to small/medium enterprises across the MENA region. Whilst technical competency is one of our key strengths, customers are able to leverage our wealth of business experience, knowledge and expertise ensuring a fit for purpose, low risk, low cost implementation


Bahari Kar Company
The history of Bahar goes back to the late 1990s which was a family base business. In 2001, Bahar was registered by Iraqi Ministry of Trade as a general trading Ltd. Thereafter, within involving in the food and beverage business to a great extent; the firm dramatically expanded its business into home appliances products and managed to be elected as one of gigantic MNE which was Toshiba as an exclusive Iraq agency. With the expansion of both above sectors, the company has been able to take a big role in the business of constructions, energy and industry which led the company to be a group of companies including various kinds of businesses.
Industry: Manufacturing & Supplying
Product and Services: Plastic Granules

Carbokene is a plastic material manufacturing and supplying company, located in Sharjah UAE. Carbokene manufactures a variety of Masterbatches and supplies raw material varying from prime, near to prime, recycled and Scrap.
Carbokene trusted Al Jawad software house to build a full-fledged ERP system using tailored Odoo. The implementation included: Accounting, Warehousing, Sales, Advanced Payment options, Manufacturing, Advanced scraping solution, Documents Generating (Certification of origin, Certificate of content, Packing List, etc..), Custom OCR solution.
Chaddad Group
Industry: FMCG, Construction
Product and Services: Distribution, Retail, Construction, Facility Management.

Chaddad group is the leading holding company in FMCG and construction, with branches in Lebanon and Egypt.
Chaddad Group team trusted Al Jawad software house to implement a full-fledged ERP system using a tailored Odoo product to facilitate and automate their processes. The implementation included: localized accounting system with the multi rate feature of the Lebanese market, Job Costing modules, Zebra Device Integration, POS, Van Operations, Warehouse and supply chain automation, Consumer Journey, Finance and accounting, Construction module. Financial and HR localizations for multiple countries (Lebanon, Egypt) were implemented to adapt to the territory labor and finance laws.
Cobsa Trading LLC
A European Group devoted to industrial supply, hardware store and services.

Facilitated many hardware stores, factories and hotels and service deliveries in Spain, México and USA dated back from 1980.

Working with more than 20.000 products of the best brands and 9.000 stock products warranty and after sales service. Our clients are specialists on construction, maintenance, iron, aluminium, Wood, etc..
Dar El Kotob (53Dots)
Since 53Dots was founded in 1953, they providing a wide range of high quality personalized printing and packaging services.

Al Jawad software house helped 53Dots to build a B2B platform that allows their customers to place orders and to submit their printable files, the platform will automate some analysis in term of colors and quality of the submitted files, and generate the quotation automatically, once the quotation is approved, odoo is sending the data automatically to their printing software.
Grass it up
Industry: Wholesale, Retail
Products and Services: Home Furnishing

Grassit Up is an outdoor furniture company for high-quality, stylish outdoor furniture that transform outdoor living space into an oasis of relaxation and comfort.
They trusted Al Jawad software house to handle their 24/24/7 high availability of support to put their ERP on the track and to adapt the discrepancies that were happening in their Warehouse, in addition to advanced functional training to their staff.
ICS Network Solutions LLC
Industry: FMCG, Retail, High-Tech
Product and Services: Hardwares and support for school

ICS International Computer Systems was founded in 1997 to design and implement strategies in order to provide clients with IT solutions, giving instructors tools to help them offer more individualized information and courses to their students, allowing them to study at their own speed depending on their skill level.

ICS trusted Al Jawad software house to implement their ERP. The implementation included building 4 different websites, with different taxation and different payment methods and different pricing. B2B login, and advanced order tracking and after sales services module.
Instyle Amusements L.L.C
Instyle Amusements are the exclusive Distributor for Tornado Foosball Tables and Spare parts/Accessories. They provides indoor entertainment and amusements by international brands of the highest standards and quality.
Italia Film International
ITALIA FILM is part of the VINCENTI Holding, a leading FMCG Exclusive Distributor in several markets in the Middle East and in Romania.

ITALIA Film trusted Al Jawad software house to implement their accounting software. This included Data migration, Ticketing system integration, Rental module, ZATCA Adaptation and many more.
Jet App
Jet is your online supermarket. Everything you need from a supermarket can be ordered from us and delivered to your door in minutes. We provide your groceries from fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy, eggs, bread, fresh chicken, cleaning supplies, personal care products, baby products, and many more.
Levantine Institute
Levantine Institute offers quality Arabic courses in an immersion program that includes accommodation, annual program, cultural experience, and engagement with the community.

Al Jawad Software house helped Levantine to build an online version of their courses which can be taught and accessed remotely all while accommodating for different time zones. The classes are given online through an (Odoo + Zoom) customer integration.
Levantine Institute of Tripoli - Sham Development SARL
Levantine Institute offers quality Arabic courses in an immersion program that includes accommodation, annual program, cultural experience, and engagement with the community.

Al Jawad Software house helped Levantine to build an online version of their courses which can be taught and accessed remotely all while accommodating for different time zones. The classes are given online through an (Odoo + Zoom) customer integration.
Morgan International Offshore
More than 80,000 students around the world have signed up to study with Morgan since it first opened its doors in Beirut in 1995. What began with one man’s dream to bring the Certified Public Accountant program to the Middle East has since grown into a company with offices in 32 locations across the globe. Morgan offers many professional certifications and diploma programs catering to the needs of the finance, accountancy, human resources, marketing, and logistics’ fields.

Key to Morgan’s success has been its partnerships with premium course providers and with academic institutions. Ultimately, though, it is the people that make Morgan the success story it is today, with every instructor carefully selected for their blend of expertise and passion for teaching. The human touch, caring for each and every candidate, and providing them with the best preparation for success, is the real hallmark of the Morgan experience.
North Telecom Trading LLc
NorthTelecom is a leading global satellite service provider, provisioning satellite communications and ICT service both on land and at sea.
Oryx Lab Boosts startups to compete in the market, passing by the knowledge & experience. Web design & develop, online marketing, business development & corporate ID
RAK Motors
Industry: Automotive, Retail
Products and Services: Car Sales & Maintenance

Rak Motors is a leading automotive company in Ras El Khaimah, they are serving UAE for many years with excellent customer service and top-notch knowledge about the vehicle industry. Their current lineup includes trusted vehicle brands such as Toyota, Lexus, and Nissan.
Rak Motors team trusted Al Jawad software house to fully implement their ERP. The system includes customized workflows, customized automotive modules, Car insurance workflows, Customized print outs (Car Selling certificates, etc..), Bank LPO, Spare parts management and allocation to vehicles, Customer reminders, Car warranties and many other modules.
2Use is a premier electronic device trade-in company based in Dubai, serving the Gulf and Middle East region. With our extensive expertise and commitment to sustainability, we have established ourselves as a trusted and reliable partner for individuals and businesses seeking to upgrade their electronic devices responsibly. Our dedicated team understands the market’s evolving needs and strives to deliver exceptional service and value to our customers. As a company deeply rooted in Dubai, we are proud to contribute to the dynamic and vibrant technological landscape of the region. We aim to redefine the way electronic devices are traded by promoting a circular economy, where devices are reused and recycled, reducing electronic waste and conserving precious resources. Our customer-centric approach ensures a seamless and transparent trade-in process. We provide fair and competitive valuations for a wide range of electronic devices, enabling our customers to unlock the maximum value from their used technology. Whether you're an individual looking to upgrade your smartphone or a business seeking to streamline your IT equipment, we have tailored solutions to meet your specific needs. At 2Use, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. We prioritize environmentally friendly practices, adhering to stringent recycling standards, and partnering with reputable recycling facilities. By choosing our services, you not only benefit from a hassle-free trade-in experience but also contribute to a greener and more sustainable future. Join us on this transformative journey as we lead the way in responsible electronic device trade-ins in the Gulf and Middle East region. Together, let's positively impact the environment while embracing the latest technology trends.
Tiro Outdoor Store
Tiro Outdoor Store is a one-stop shop for all your outdoor and hunting needs. We carry a wide range of products, including hunting gear, camping equipment, and outdoor clothing.
Transport Le Loup Blanc
Industry: 3PL

Le loup blanc is a leading transportation company in Turkey. They trusted al jawad software house to build their ERP and to automate their process, including invoicing, bank integration, payment follow up and website development
UIG General Trading LLC
Industry: Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Automotive Parts, and Distribution Center

UIG is a leading FMCG company established in 2012 and head-quartered in Dubai, UIG operations are spread across the UAE via highly qualified and experienced management teams of sales, marketing, supply chain, logistics and other support-function professionals.
UIG trusted Al Jawad software house to build their platform including handheld printers integration, and van application that facilitate the selling and the return process.
Yazbeck Medical
Yazbeck Medical supplies are using Odoo to manage their full process: Purchasing, Accounting, CRM, Sales, Maintenance, Logistics & Supply chain.
Al Jawad software house provided the full implementation from data migration & Lebanese accounting rules implementation, to Lebanese Customs pricing implementation.
Al Jawad software house also provided Yazbeck Medical Supplies with a full computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) that respects the World Health Organization (WHO) rules and standards.