How to change Reply-To for "Send messages by email" in Odoo 12 Discussion groups

Nejc Draganjec

I have been searching through models and templates and can't make it work.

Here is the setup:

I create a new Discussion group: NewDiscussionGroup
I give it an alias email:
I turn on the "Send messages by email" option.

That gives me expected behaviour and in effect, I have an email discussion group I can use for different interest groups.

But, I have 2 deal breakers so far:
1. reply-to in sent emails is: "Full Company Name NewDiscussionGroup" <>
2. the usual branding footer "
Sent by ...."

What I would like is to have reply-to value set just to: "NewDiscussionGroup" <>
and no branding footer.

Any help on that would be much appreciated.

I have been searching through templates and models and can't seem to identify which ones are used to send email messages from discussion groups/channels. The closest solution I think I got so far would be modified automated action offered in this answer:

But I would rather not overcomplicate things and put another overhead on the system. Is there a way to create a new model/template combo for those particular emails sent from that particular discussion channel and then make necessary changes/customization only there?

Or perhaps even simpler, just thinking her out loud, modify "Default values" array in email alias used for that channel? If I click on the email provided for that channel, it opens a record of it and there is an option of entering some default value array there. Just not sure how that works, but I can imagine there might be an option to put some "reply-to" variable in that field and hard code the proper value just for those records.

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Marius Pana
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Did you manage to find a way to achieve this?




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Nejc Draganjec

Not in Odoo. In the end, I set-up my Postfix server to modify appropriate headers.