how can i add subtotals on quotations?

Hello, I need to recharge net value costs, example: add freight and insurance to the subtotal of the products to sell, this value must be entered manually and then totaled
1 item : USD100
2 items: USD50
Subtotal: USD150
Freight: USD10 (values entered manually)
Insurance: USD3 (values entered manually)
Total: USD163
How can I do this with the editing tool?
Thank you

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Niyas Raphy
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This may be difficult or may be not possible from the studio,  if possible you can try the same from the code side, or without any changes, this can be easily achieved by creating two products with name Freight and Insurance, add those two the order lines and eventually it will sum up to the sub total.

If you don't want to handle it as above, you have add two new fields to the sale.order model and to record the freight and insurance charges, then you have to modify the current compute function for the subtotal and total field to adapt the value from two new fields. Related changes has to be done inside the invoicing model also, as the values has to be passed to the created invoice.