Jasani Llc Is Running the Perfect E-commerce Site

Jasani LLC x Odoo


Jasani LLC x Odoo | Running The Perfect E-commerce Site 

Company Name: Jasani LLC

Location: Dubai, UAE

Industry: eCommerce, Consumer Goods, Branded Merchandise, Corporate Gifts

Platform Main Apps Implemented: CRM, Sales, Inventory, Purchase, Accounting, Manufacturing, Documents, Website, E-Commerce, Invoicing, Accounting, Expenses 

Company Size: 80

Implementation time: 8 months

About Jasani LLC

Jasani LLC is one of the leaders in branded merchandise, corporate, and promotional gifting in the Middle East. They develop unique and quality products that can be customized on-demand, whether for corporate gifting, giveaways, employee gifts, rewards, loyalty programs, souvenirs, or saleable branded merchandise. Their selection of 2500+ products in stock makes them the largest stockist and wholesaler in all of the Middle East. Representing global brands such as Moleskine, XD Design, Cross, Uma, Skross, and many others for B2B distribution in the Middle East has allowed Jasani to successfully build a strong reputation for themselves. 

Challenges To Conquer

Prior to Odoo, Jasani LLC was using another popular ERP software, which was considered rather an “old school” option. There were a few crucial challenges that came with this software:
1. The software was not as dynamic as the brand was, which meant that Jasani LLC faced difficulties when they needed to make rapid business model changes. 2. The old software lacked established and documented API’s, requiring a lot of manual work from the team to maintain their Web Portal up and running – a key interaction point with customers. 3. Implementing the smallest of changes in the software was proving very costly, time-consuming, and lengthy in terms of implementation. 4. Lack of good documentation meant the team was never fully conversant and in sync with their ERP.

Migrating to Odoo
In search of a flexible and complete ERP system, Shrey J., the Product Manager at Jasani LLC, looked into his network to find the best solution. As an avid coder and IT specialist, he knew many different options that were available on the market and chose Odoo after extensive research and comparison. Odoo was implemented across the entire business operations with one main goal in mind - to have one platform for everything. The very first noticeable benefit came from the integrated data together with the emerged 360 view on the business operations and on their customers. The other major benefit was how easily it was to adapt processes to Jasani’s unique industry-specific requirements. Odoo did not require any API integration in order to build a beautiful and functional website and an e-commerce system, and it provided great documentation for the teams to train themselves and get well conversant with the ERP and take advantage of its power and efficiency. The key Odoo apps that Jasani heavily relied on included the CRM, Sales, Website, and eCommerce applications.

CRM app allowed for: - Sales personnel to view their customer, while the sales managers were able to access their team's customers - An organized and cohesive approach - Email integration with Office 365 - An online catalog that can be sent to customers with livestock information - A special report to see “blocked stock”; which is a special location in the warehouse Sales app allowed for: - Implementation of the ~10 different sales order type - Custom branding per product line in the sale order - Calculation of sales commission - A customer credit check - Ability to “block” stock while still in the quotation stage - Registering payment on the Sales Order directly Website and E-commerce apps allowed for:
- Portal users to access live stock levels directly on the website
- Portal users to see their partner ledger, and access unpaid/outstanding/overdue invoice

Real Results
All of the advantages of choosing Odoo became visible and quantifiable:

1. Customer satisfaction with their new Website went up by 100% as Jasani LLC moved to Odoo's modern Web communication system.
2. All the automation implementations resulted in hourly savings across every department
– approximately 25 Accounting hours per month
– approximately 12 Sales hours per month per salesperson
– approximately  50-60 Admin hours  per month


Diamond Giant Shines With Odoo's Comprehe​nsive​ ERP​​​