GGFT Scale Up Thanks to Odoo

Company Name: Golden Grain Foodstuff Trading LLC 
Country: UAE
Industry: F&B
Main Apps Implemented: CRM, Invoicing, Sales, POS, Accounting, Inventory, Purchase, Expenses
Company Size: 50
Implementation Timeline: 5 Months
Implementation Partner: Bista Solutions Inc.
Odoo Customer Success Manager: Asim Hussain

About GGFT

Golden Grains Foodstuff Trading LLC is a HACCP certified One Stop' food and beverage supplier to over 1500 customers all over the UAE. Since 2004, this family owned company run by father and son, has been importing dry, frozen, and chilled products from over 14 countries, to serve a client base that includes hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, airlines, catering companies and many more. The team consists of foodstuff professionals with over 70 years of combined F&B experience, working with 3000 products. The motivated and ambitious sales and logistic team, ensure that every client receives prompt, top quality service, at unbeatable prices, every time. Today, Golden Grains is a leader in the foodstuff industry, and has become the supplier of choice to its long list of high profile clientele, locally and internationally. Following the pandemic, the team began to also venture into home deliveries through their new website

Looking For a Dynamic ERP

Like many successful companies, Alrik the Director and Co-owner is on a mission to increase profitability and lowering his costs, and having a dynamic team, allows them to stay hungry and look at new ventures to take on. Looking at continued growth, Alrik discovered Odoo in 2017 after searching for the right software. Oracle and SAP were simply too old and not savvy enough to keep up with the growing company. Alrik had a vision for his company to be fully run in the cloud and accessible via any mobile device, and Odoo gave him just that. 

Using core Odoo Apps like Inventory, CRM and accounting for the day to day business activities, they also added those Apps that helped for a seamless integration between GGFT and Amazon and Shopify, two platforms where they are power sellers. 

Generating thousands of invoices monthly, the team could not rely on a standard accounting platform. Odoo took care of all those problems using the reliability of the cloud. And the pandemic further showed how the team could rely on their software and allow them to operate successfully from home. This allowed customers to still receive their orders on time, and business went on expanding despite any of the challenges the pandemic brought

Having access to their full ERP system in their mobile device, is one of the main features the team finds remarkable. From generating instant quotations and sending them via Whatsapp to customers, to checking inventory stock, it all resulted in being able to close deals much faster, and a lot more them. The customer base has now been able to grow from 900 to 1500 customers, and still the team has been able to save a lot of time and money, while integrating Odoo into their business. 

Time to Expand

It is thanks to having such a robust and reliable system like Odoo, that has allowed Alrik and his team to think about expanding their company into more domains. As a business owner, you need to be able to have everything in one place and have access to it from any point of the world. Odoo allows for just that. Looking at expanding into the Non-food business as well as opening their own lines of cafes, the team is excited to be able to switch from one business to another within the Odoo software itself. This will allow them to always keep a birds eye view of what is going on in each and every company. 

"To summarize my experience with Odoo - we wouldn't have been able to think about growing, if we didn't have reliable software like Odoo." Alrik R. GGFT Director


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